Perú reactivates receptive tourism in Nordic countries

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Perú reactivates receptive tourism in Nordic countries
September 29, 2021

PROMPERÚ reformulated the promotion actions Sweden, Denmark and Norway

As soon as the Covid-19 restrictions were relaxed in Sweden, promotional activities began with an event for key tour operators for Peru. The guests enjoyed a sensory journey to our country through gastronomy in the distinguished Peruvian restaurant 'Cantalola', located in the center of Stockholm.

During this session, information was shared on the new measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 adopted by the Peruvian government, as well as the efforts of the public and private sectors to enjoy a safe trip in the future. Let us remember that our country was one of the first in the region to receive the Safe Travels seal from the WTTC and so far more than 446 attractions hold this health and hygiene label throughout the country.

The guests, specialists in the Peruvian market, highlighted the quality of service and gastronomy as competitive advantages of our destination. They also mentioned that they have planned trips to Peru starting in November 2021.

PROMPERÚ, through its commercial office in the Netherlands, was the first tourist office to carry out a promotional activity for the Swedish commercial channel, a clear sign of Peru's interest in this market.

It is important to mention that the Swedes have a high purchasing power. Despite having only 10 million people, Sweden created more multibillion dollar companies per capita than anywhere else outside of Silicon Valley.

The Swedish traveler is experienced and seeks mainly sun and beach; However, after the Covid-19, they are looking for new destinations to carry out that 'great trip' with loved ones and family.


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