Assist Card bets on the Colombian market

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Assist Card bets on the Colombian market
Source: Alejandro Chavarro Vargas
September 30, 2021

With the reactivation and opening of borders, the firm estimates that it will reach a growth rate of over 20% this year

During the Anato Congress in Pereira we were able to interview Hernán González, Country Manager of Assist Card Colombia. The executive has reviewed the news of the firm and its vision of the medium term in the country. We share their responses below:

What is the situation of the company in Colombia? Has their presence grown, maintained or decreased? 
The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the demand for travel assistance in Colombians. Therefore, we present a growth of over 20% in sales and presence throughout the coffee-growing country. Despite having a lower number of passengers, we continue to position our products by providing comprehensive services that meet all the needs of our travelers. In addition to being one of the immigration requirements in more than 40 destinations in the world. 
Likewise, it is important to highlight that Colombian travelers have been modifying their behavior and are now more aware of the need and importance of traveling with comprehensive assistance that covers them against medical and non-medical inconveniences. The new normal is a mix between individual conscience and governmental obligation.

What is the perspective or projection that you have in the remainder of this year and next? 
With the gradual reactivation of the economy and the opening of borders in countries of the region and worldwide, we plan to close this year with growth of over 20%. In addition, we hope to continue providing awareness spaces to all Colombians to emphasize the importance and need to continue traveling protected in the new normal.
By 2022 we hope to continue supporting the reactivation in the tourism industry and therefore, we project a growth in the trade close to 23% and more than 35% in our digital channels.

What are the products that Assist Card sells the most in Colombia?
Currently, the best-selling product in Colombia, after the pandemic unleashed, is assistance with coverage of USD 60,000. Although all of our products include medical assistance against COVID-19, Colombia is the third country with the highest sales of the additional benefit called Covid Extra that covers non-medical unforeseen events, such as the reimbursement of penalties for air tickets, accommodation expenses and food for reprogramming of flights, either the holder or his companion. Additionally, our USD 1 million hedging product has been gaining momentum since its launch and is positioned as the third best-selling product in the company.

Regarding the participation of Assist Card in Pereira ,  what has been the objective of this present? 
ANATO is an ideal space to continue promoting the reactivation of the tourism industry in the country and for Colombians to learn a little more about our products and the importance of traveling protected with an Assist Card. It is also a place where we can further strengthen commercial ties with other key players, and support the coffee region region, being a channel with great potential in which the company has been maintaining an uninterrupted physical presence for more than 20 years.

What activities were carried out?
In this congress, our activities were based on holding work meetings with different travel agencies or groups of interest to the company such as Aviatur, Lalanianxa, Grupo Over and Travel Group, Inversa, Agentur, Arias beta, Viajes Aéreos Armenia, among many more . For this reason, we were able to meet with more than 30 travel agencies that represent approximately 70% of the volume of the region. 
Our strategy is based on offering an indispensable, suitable, comprehensive and sufficient product for today's reality. In addition, we handle rates and commissions that are profitable and attractive for the trade and we have constant support and marketing and communication tools with Travel Agencies to boost our sales. 

Did you launch a product or service? 
For this edition of ANATO, we brought our new $ 1 million hedging product. In addition, all of our services cover COVID-19 up to the maximum coverage cap. Also highlight our benefits of flexibility in dates and without cancellation penalty, as well as discounts on PCR tests in more than 100 laboratories around the world.
Additionally, we highlight the functionalities of our APP, where travelers can buy, request assistance and coordinate their refunds, all in an intuitive and friendly way. The traveler does not have to download other applications to have 24/7 access to a video consultation with a health professional in a few minutes from the palm of his hand and in the same language.
The home medical visit can also be managed from the app in three very simple steps, without the need to make phone calls or write cumbersome chats. From the same application, developed entirely by internal company teams, you can request other types of non-medical assistance, such as loss of luggage, a very frequent unforeseen event in travel.


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