Royal Caribbean, first cruise line to venture into voice technology with "MyVoiceTravel"

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Royal Caribbean, first cruise line to venture into voice technology with "MyVoiceTravel"
Source: Royal Caribbean
October 01, 2021

The company has managed to simplify many of its processes for the benefit of its guests

Before the pandemic, there was already talk of the impact of technology in many of the industries to make them more competitive and improve user experiences at different levels; tourism was not exempt from this discussion. Today, the digitization of the sector has become a fundamental part of boosting one of the industries most affected during the pandemic by the different measures adopted globally.
Royal Caribbean International, through technology, has managed to simplify many of its processes for the benefit of its guests. Through its application, users can choose their boarding time, make reservations for restaurants and shows, take virtual tours and even do the emergency drill (Muster 2.0) with E-Muster technology -developed by Royal Caribbean-, among other benefits.
Today, he announced that he is working in a collaboration with "MyVoiceTravel" to launch a joint tool, through Alexa, that will allow people to make cruise reservations from the comfort of their home. The company's main vision is to continue improving the travel experience for passengers.
Royal Caribbean conducted a voice technology research group with "MyVoiceTravel", with the help of a select group of Millennials, where they were able to experience first-hand and before anyone else, what this technology will be like in the future.
“At Royal Caribbean we are convinced that technology has become a fundamental part to improve the experience on board our ships, but also today we are aware that thanks to this we can even generate a better travel experience long before our clients board any of the company's ships. Technology is helping us, not only to simplify many of the processes that used to take time, but also in it we have found a way to stay close to our clients and business partners ”, shared Alberto Muñoz, Vice President of Royal Caribbean for Latin America and the Caribbean.
It is not surprising that the leading company in the cruise industry creates an alliance with one of the best-known voice travel assistants globally. These, as well as mobile phones and smartwatches, have gained relevance and importance for people and have a very high market penetration, so the company is betting that thanks to this technology all passengers in the region will be able to book a cruise from the easier way.
It should be noted that this technological project is one of the many that Royal Caribbean has for the next few years in the region. Mexico, Colombia and other Latin American countries will be the first to use this technology.
Royal Caribbean has always sought to innovate and strengthen tools for its consumers, travel agents and all links in the industry, since the collaboration of all the areas involved leads to the success of the brand.
“Taking the first step in this great project is very important, and we are doing it in order to further elevate the experience of our passengers. Excited to have the support of Latin America in this great technological revolution”, stated Alberto Muñoz.


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