Chilean authorities detail sanitary provisions before the opening of borders

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Chilean authorities detail sanitary provisions before the opening of borders
Source: Twitter @subturismo
Wed October 06, 2021

All those people who have their complete vaccination scheme will be able to enter by performing a 5-day quarantine

After half a year and thanks to the advances in the fight against Covid 19, starting on Friday, October 1, all those people who have their complete vaccination scheme will be able to enter the national territory after approval of it. In this way, the Government takes another step towards recovering mobility prior to the pandemic.

The change in the Protected Borders Plan allows non-resident foreigners who have the Mobility Pass to enter the country. They must, first of all, validate their inoculation scheme on the website; In addition, they must submit a sworn statement at; a negative PCR of up to 72 hours prior to the start of the trip and demonstrate that they contracted a medical insurance of UDS 30,000. Likewise, upon arrival in the country, they will have to perform a preventive isolation of five days. Likewise, transit hotels will cease to operate and will be replaced by conventional hotels or by residences accredited by those entering the country.

In this regard, the undersecretary of Tourism, José Luis Uriarte, affirmed that “the opening of the borders for foreigners who have their complete vaccination scheme is a tremendous advance on the road to the recovery of tourism. We know that it is still missing, but little by little we have seen an improvement. Proof of this is the increase in employed persons in the sector, which exceeded 515 thousand in the last mobile quarter. For this reason, we trust that tourism will stand up, but for that the control of the pandemic is essential ”.

The authority, who participated together with the head of the Border Control Division, Oscar Camacho, and the assistant manager of Communications and customer experience of the Arturo Merino Benítez Airport, Manuel Valencia, reviewing the details of the sanitary provisions, referred to the new information campaign Intended for those who enter the country and that will be exhibited permanently at the airport grounds and also on aircraft prior to arrival in Chile.

For his part, Oscar Camacho, SAG's Border Control Division chief, said “we call on citizens not to enter our country with prohibited products of animal and plant origin that could contain pests and diseases, as they endanger the health of our agriculture and environment. The SAG has reinforced its efforts at the airport and we ask people to complete the Digital Affidavit in advance, even before boarding for Chile, in order to expedite the process and avoid congestion. On the other hand, those who travel with dogs and cats must complete the procedure in advance and be well informed about all the health requirements according to the final destination of the pet. All the information can be found at”.

Meanwhile, the Assistant Manager of Communications and Customer Experience of Nuevo Pudahuel, Manuel Valencia, recommended that passengers anticipate their arrival at the airport, due to additional documentary requirements that could be made in the counters. “For international trips, the ideal is to arrive three to four hours in advance and two to three hours in advance for national ones. The idea is that people have enough anticipation to carry out their procedures smoothly and safely, keeping their distance and complying with health protocols”.

Valencia also commented that given the increase in passengers that the measure could generate, Nuevo Pudahuel will continue to apply a health security protocol that includes 70 alcohol gel dispensers, 25 service assistants, 4,500 distancing stickers, daily sanitization with quaternary ammonium and constant messages on the loudspeakers of the enclosure.


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