Expo Dubai 2020: Embratur promotes Brazilian destinations

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Expo Dubai 2020: Embratur promotes Brazilian destinations
Source: Embratur
October 06, 2021

Brazilian tourism authorities have held meetings with governments, international investors and airlines during the fair

Embratur's participation in the inauguration and in the first days of Expo Dubai 2020 was considered extremely positive by the President of the Agency Carlos Brito. 

The official highlighted the importance of the contacts made at the event with the Minister of Tourism Gilson Machado Neto.  
“During our participation we were able to request from the CEO of Emirates new flights to destinations in the Amazon, South and Northeast regions, which are ready to receive international tourists in search of good services, as well as the airline's passengers. With the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates, we demonstrated that Brazil is one of the main actors in the resumption of world tourism due to its unique natural beauties ”, said Brito. 
The Brazilian delegation met with government representatives and outlined possible bilateral agreements with Slovenia and San Marino, to increase connectivity between countries, dissemination actions and exchange of experiences and investments. “With the pandemic and recent restrictions, it has become even clearer that tourism is essential to the global economy. Brazil has stood out, carrying out infrastructure works, concessions for the private sector that will develop the sector, and is having an excellent recovery ”, said Minister of Tourism Gilson Machado Neto. 
In a meeting with Mohammed Khalaf Al Habtoor, Vice President of the Al Habtoor Group, one of the largest in the United Arab Emirates, the Brazilian delegation led by the Minister of Tourism and the President of Embratur invited him to meet in person the beauties of Brazil . “We currently have 147 hotels under construction and the Al Habtoor Group already invests in the hospitality sector, among many other sectors. It would be a lot if they also came to invest in hotels in Brazil”, explained Brito. 


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