According to the President of Abav Nacional, "Tourism is unbeatable"

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According to the President of Abav Nacional, "Tourism is unbeatable"
Source: Diário do Turismo
October 07, 2021

Excited during the opening of the 48th edition of Abav Expo & Collab 2021, Magda Nassar also highlighted the role of travel agents

With information from Diário do Turismo

The 48th Abav Expo & Collab, inaugurated this Wednesday 6 at the Ceará Events Center in Fortaleza, represents a new stage in the history of the traditional event for travel agents. From now on, the fair will be traveling, will be held in a hybrid format and symbolizes the hope of economic recovery for Brazilian tourism.

Shedding light on the changes that have occurred in tourism since the beginning of the pandemic and finding ways to overcome the crisis are some of the great themes that will guide the programming of the 48th Abav Expo & Collab until this Friday the 8th, either in content spaces and panels, either at company meetings or at stands.

Magda Nassar, president of Abav Nacional and host of the 48th Abav Expo & Collab 2021, spoke with emotion about the losses and challenges facing the sector in this period. “It is a very important day for us. We are standing. Today we return to further strengthen our tourism, "said the official.

“At the end of 2019 we would never have imagined that more than 275 million people would be infected with the coronavirus. We all know someone who lost the battle against Covid-19 ”, he highlighted, lamenting the more than 599 thousand deaths in Brazil caused by Covid-19. Thank God we have science and we are going to overcome this period ”explained Nassar, reinforcing the biosecurity measures of the fair.

We know how to deliver results

The president of Abav Nacional also highlighted the integration actions between representative entities in the unified confrontation of the crisis. “We had more than 700 meetings with the Ministry of Tourism, with senators, with banks, with the Ministry of Justice… We created the G20 to go through this period together. Our union is being fundamental to provide sustainability. Travel agents are being great heroes of the industry. "

In his speech, Nassar also took the opportunity to make a special request. “Among the leaders here on stage, we don't have female representation. I'm looking forward to finishing my term by seeing more women here on stage. Women do a lot. Vote for women. Tourism is strong, tourism is unbeatable. We know how to deliver results ”.

The President of Abih Nacional, Manoel Linhares celebrated the presence of the trade at the opening of the 48th Abav Expo & Collab and asked the government for a position. “If every mayor, governor, president looked at tourism, we would not have unemployment. Today, tourism has returned with more force.

Planning and execution

José Roberto Tadros, President of the CNC, pointed out that tourism has lost R $ 413 billion since the beginning of the prolonged economic and health crisis. "With planning and execution, the sector can lead the economic recovery," said Tadros, who sees the Abav Expo & Collab fair as one more step in this journey of tourist recovery.

El Presidente de Fornatur, Bruno Wendling, advirtió que el futuro del turismo depende de la capacidad de actuar colectivamente. “El turismo influye y está influenciado por todos los sectores de la economía. Necesitamos enfocarnos en estrategias conjuntas y tener la capacidad de gestionar el destino, no solo nuestros proyectos o asociados. En la pandemia nos vimos obligados a construir colectivamente, algo a lo que el turismo no estaba acostumbrado”.

The Minister of Tourism, Gilson Machado Neto, took advantage of his time to speak at the opening ceremony of the 48th Abav Expo to say that he is defending Brazil. "Unfortunately, Brazil has been attacked by the international press, mainly the French one," said the minister. "I am the minister who travels the most and the one who works the most," he added. In his speech, Neto praised the president and reiterated that "Brazil is the most successful case that has ever happened" and "jet fuel in the country is the most expensive in the world."

Land of light

Camilo Santana, governor of the state of Ceará, stated at the opening ceremony that the state is very happy to host the Abav Expo, for the first time outside the Rio de Janeiro - São Paulo axis. And he highlighted: “Welcome to the land of Light. We believe that the great way to build a more just and humane country is to invest in education. The challenge now is to vaccinate 100% of the population. This is the only way we have to go through this moment that has so strongly affected tourism. Tourism is a great alternative for us to strengthen the economy and generate employment. Long live Brazilian tourism! ”.

Expo Abav continues until Friday the 8th, in a hybrid model, through face-to-face activities, complying with the Covid-19 prevention protocols, and online. The event has the participation of 184 exhibitors.


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