Mincetur delivered international recognition to sustainable tourist destinations in Puno

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Mincetur delivered international recognition to sustainable tourist destinations in Puno
Source: Mincetur
October 13, 2021

Peru joins a group of countries committed to sustainability that will have important promotional opportunities

Roberto Sánchez, Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur) delivered the diplomas of international recognition as sustainable destinations to: Titicaca, Sacred Lake of the Incas (Puno); and Sandia, the Coffee Route and the Bahuaja Sonene National Park (Puno - Madre de Dios). The ceremony was held on Esteves Island, in the Puno region.

The head of the Mincetur affirmed: “This very important distinction has identified our Lake Titicaca as a green destination, that is, a place that has sustainable practices of struggle and care to conserve its biodiversity, because it is a whole where languages, culture converge , identity, regional cuisine, dances, organized communities around the mega-diverse territory ”.

“We have achieved nine green destinations worldwide, and the only one in Latin America that has that amount. There is also the Coffee Route that Sandia has been working on ”, he highlighted.
"The recognitions allow the opportunity for these destinations to be duly promoted throughout the year 2022, that means that, from the national government, the Mincetur, Promperú, we will invest to reaffirm that in addition to being sacred and cultural they are also sustainable destinations, it is our commitment ”, Said Minister Sánchez.   

Sustainable destinations
As it is recalled, nine tourist destinations in our country have been considered in the important "Top 100 Sustainable Destinations List", a global recognition of the Green Destinations organization, which awards the most respectful tourist places with the ecosystem and minimal impact on the local environment and culture.
The recognized Peruvian destinations are: Tambopata National Reserve (Madre de Dios); Alto Mayo - Tarapoto (San Martín); Pacaya Samiria National Reserve (Loreto); Gocta - Kuélap (Amazonas); Pomac Forest Historic Sanctuary (Lambayeque); Tingo María National Park (Huánuco); Titicaca, Sacred Lake of the Incas (Puno); Sandia, the Coffee Route and the Bahuaja Sonene National Park (Puno - Madre de Dios); and the Colca Canyon (Arequipa).
Thus, Peru enters a group of destinations committed to sustainability, in the case of Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Japan, among others, which will have important promotional opportunities regarding the use of the Top 100 logo on their social networks. and on its web pages, such as being included in the renowned world travel website Good Travel Guide, among other benefits.  
Also participating in the ceremony on Esteves Island were: Agustín Luque Chayña, Regional Governor of Puno; Briseida Daysi Pauro Pino, representative of the Top 100 Green Destination; the Congressman of the Republic for the Puno region, Wilson Rusbel Quispe Mamani; Jitler Colque, director of the Dircetur Puno; Fidel Salas Herrera, general director of Crafts. Also, Martin Ticona Maquera, mayor of the Provincial Municipality of Puno; Adán Málaga Carcasi, mayor of the Sandia Provincial Municipality, and David Araníbar, head of the Bahuaja Sonene National Park.


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