Air operations between the United Kingdom and Mexico will be reactivated and increased

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Air operations between the United Kingdom and Mexico will be reactivated and increased
Source: Twitter @AICM_mx
October 14, 2021

For the last quarter of 2021, British and Tui Airways have 110,992 airplane seats scheduled for CDMX, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta

The Secretary of Tourism of the Federal Government, Miguel Torruco Marqués, announced that after the announcement made last October 7 by the authorities of the United Kingdom, to eliminate several countries from its red list, including Mexico, British Airways reported that will increase its operations to Mexico City.

In other words, as of next November 6, the English airline will have a daily flight to the capital of our country; while as of October 22, it will reactivate its route to Cancun, also with a daily flight.

The head of the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) explained that the departure of Mexico from the United Kingdom's red list also increases the possibilities of reconnecting the direct flight between Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, and London, which was suspended due to to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He specified that in 2020 the arrival of British tourists to Mexico, mainly to CDMX and Cancun, was 85 thousand 654, which left an economic spill of 84 million 995 dollars.

Likewise, from January to August 2021, there were 41,191 travelers from the United Kingdom who arrived in Mexico City and Cancun, generating a spill of 45 million 894 thousand dollars.

He added that the transport of passengers to CDMX and Cancun by the main European airlines places British Airways in position number 5 during 2020 and in position number 6 for the first eight months of this year.

Last year, Air France was the leader with 88,412 passengers; followed by Lufthansa, with 76,849; Iberia, with 75 thousand 452; KLM, with 51 thousand 559; and British Airways, with 34,258 travelers.

For 2021, the first eight months have been counted, in which Lufthansa transported 86 thousand 10 passengers to Mexico; Air France, 80,778; Iberia, 71,289; KLM, 40,836; Turkish Airlines, 35,126; and British Airways, 27,419 tourists.

Finally, the secretary Torruco Marqués stated that, according to the Official Airlines Guide, for the last quarter of 2021, British Airways and the British airline Tui Airways have 365 flights scheduled to CDMX, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, representing a supply of 110 thousand 992 airplane seats, with which an estimated spill of 123 million 663 thousand dollars in that period from October to December.

"Of this volume of seats, 61 percent corresponds to Tui Airways and the remaining 39 percent to British Airways," he said.


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