Countdown to the Tianguis Turístico in Yucatán

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Countdown to the Tianguis Turístico in Yucatán
October 19, 2021

One of the most important tourist showcases in Latin America will be 100% face-to-face under the highest biosafety standards endorsed by international organizations

A little less than 30 days after the 45th edition of the Mexico Tourist Tianguis that will take place in Mérida, the capital of Yucatán from November 16 to 19, the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico (Sectur), Miguel Torruco Marqués, Together with the head of the Yucatan Tourism Development Secretariat (Sefotur), Michelle Fridman Hirsch gave details of what this 100% face-to-face event will be.

The edition of this Tianguis has been the most anticipated by the Mexican tourism industry, being the most important tourism event in Mexico and the largest business showcase in Latin America, the sector is anxious for the day to arrive and, at 19 months from its original date in 2020, Yucatán is ready to receive the more than a thousand buyers, hosted buyers and the media from different parts of the world and the entire Mexican tourism union.

Since 2020, Yucatán was prepared to carry out an unpublished edition of the Tianguis, since it had exceeded the record of exhibitors and buyers, with a completely renovated venue, more than 100 tourist products with investments of more than 27 thousand million pesos, new infrastructure , greater air and maritime connectivity, a new brand and major international events to be held within the framework of the Tianguis Turístico.

For the development of the edition of this event, attached to the new normality, Yucatán has prepared with all the necessary measures to continue taking care of the health of all attendees, with one of the most robust biosanitary protocols, endorsed by international organizations and by the Yucatán Ministry of Health, which will be applied in the two venues assigned to the Tianguis, the Yucatán International Congress Center where the official inauguration will take place, while the B2B, the Expo and the Academic Program that so far includes 9 Magisterial conferences, 10 conjunctural conferences and 16 Yucatan Conferences, will take place at the Yucatan Convention and Exhibition Center, Siglo XXI and the Great Museum of the Mayan World.

In addition to the aforementioned, there are held, as in each edition of Tianguis, the traditional Captains Lunch and the Welcome Party in charge of the State, which will take place in two different farms, of the many that exist in the destination.

"This Tourist Tianguis will be the most important in its history, as it will be a watershed in the recovery of TOURISM for all destinations in Mexico after COVID19" said Fridman Hirsch.

“This Tianguis will be a sign that Mexico is ready for the recovery of its sector and that our country is also ready to carry out large events with the strictest and most innovative standards. This will be a new edition of the Tianguis, with new needs, new behaviors, new circumstances: A Renaissance of tourism ”, he continued. 

For this edition of the Tianguis, Michelle Fridman assured that it will be the rebirth of the industry after the enormous blow it has received due to the current crisis, so they are looking for the 45 Tianguis to unexpectedly break with every paradigm and with all expectations, they will find another Tianguis efficient, it will be - "An event of qualitative and not quantitative greatness, an emotional event, successful and according to new trends and needs."

The great event will be surrounded by a large number of activities in addition to the B2B and the Academic Program, since previously there will be a working tour with Secretary Torruco and the State Governor that includes organizations such as CONAGO, ASETUR, Destinatio International, PCO México , Meetings Industry Marketplace, GMA (Wholesale Agencies), AMDEMAC, a Forum of Shipping Companies and AFEET among others.

In addition, it will have a special gastronomic area with 16 participating restaurants, a beverage area, photo opportunitties, ten stands of artisanal and endemic Yucatan products, such as: honeys, craft beers, spirits, salt and sauces, soaps, perfumes, hammocks, guayaberas , hats, crafts and much more. 

This will also be the first time that a destination has its own distinctive around the Tourist Tianguis, Yucatán will be innovating with the use of Kukulkán, a spiral snake being the meaning of "a new beginning", which transmits the idea of ​​growth, evolution and expansion.

To date, Yucatán announced that it has confirmed the attendance of 1,252 buyers, 41 attending countries and 814 participating companies, these numbers will continue to increase, as confirmations continue to be received, in addition, they will have the presence among pre-fams and coverage of the Tianguis de more than 300 national and international media.

For this edition they hope to reach 40 thousand business appointments, with the assistance of the 32 States of the Republic, a thousand buyers, 240 tour operators and 3,000 exhibitors that will leave a direct and indirect economic spill in Yucatan for up to five years.

To enter the venues and the different activities that will take place within the framework of the Tourist Tianguis, each attendee must meet a series of minimum and essential requirements established by the Health agencies in charge of the event, including having with the complete vaccination schedule or with a PCR test or negative antigens less than 72 hours, and a special registry. The use of a face mask will be mandatory at all times, temperature will be taken and antibacterial gel will be given, a healthy distance will be maintained and space sanitization will be carried out every certain time and the flow of people will be controlled at entrances and exits.

It should be noted that Yucatán was chosen to carry out this edition of the Tianguis thanks to the excellent hotel infrastructure and tourist services that it has, with more than 15 thousand rooms available in 550 hotels. In air connectivity, they currently have six international routes that connect directly with the Mérida International Airport and with 14 national routes.   

In this press conference, the Secretary of Tourism of Oaxaca was present in the presidium, he is also the president of the Association of Secretaries of Tourism of Mexico (Asetur), Mtro. Juan Carlos Rivera Castellanos and in the first line of guests, the current Secretaries of Tourism of Mexico, belonging to the Asetur.  


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