American Airlines will fly directly from Miami to Anguilla

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American Airlines will fly directly from Miami to Anguilla
Source: Interamerican Network
October 19, 2021

Starting December 11, the US airline will fly nonstop from Miami International Airport to the exclusive Caribbean island

Starting December 11, American Airlines will fly direct from Miami to the exclusive Caribbean island of Anguilla. The flights, which are now available, will operate on Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout the year. The route departs from Miami International Airport (MIA) at 10:50 am, arriving at the Anguilla air terminal (AXA) at 2:49 pm. The return from AXA leaves at 3:40 pm, landing at MIA at 5:53 pm. With this, and with the end of the entry restrictions to the United States, it will be easier for Latin Americans to reach the destination.

This little paradise is located in the eastern Caribbean. It was discovered by Christopher Columbus and today it has the status of a British Overseas Territory. Although its neighbors are St. Barth, the British and American Virgin Islands, Saint Martin / Sint Maarten and Puerto Rico, Anguilla remains on the fringes of the cruise circuit and mass tourism in the region. Its beauty and tranquility combine an irresistible charm, attracting from lonely people who seek to disconnect from everything, to families with children, business travelers and events, groups of friends and couples on honeymoon or romantic getaways.

Anguilla suspended all quarantine requirements for international leisure visitors staying in hotels or villas in September, regardless of the length of their stay. However, all will be tested on arrival, the results of which are generally delivered within 12 hours. Once they get a negative test result, they are free to explore the island. There is no longer the 4-day quarantine requirement, but all visitors will be screened on the fourth day of their stay.

The island can be traveled from end to end in 45 minutes by car. Do not forget that you drive on the left and that the official language is English. It is possible to rent ATVs, there is a taxi service and many hotels offer bicycles. Accommodation options abound: resorts, boutique hotels, apartments, villas and the Charming Escapes, a collection of properties that are Anguilla's calling card, made up of large resorts, bungalows or charming guesthouses. All these types of accommodation are on the sand or within walking distance of any of the 33 beaches on the island.

Anguilla cuisine has a fascination that attracts both locals and visitors. Whether lining up on a Saturday morning to try Miss Mabel's soup or enjoying lunch on the beach at Ocean Echo, the island is a feast for the senses and foodies. The typical dish is kid stew, but there are also fish and seafood on the menus of the best restaurants and beach bars in Anguilla.

The West End is the heart of the local tourism industry, home to traditional five-star resorts. Its culinary fame was also born there, which has consolidated it as one of the best gastronomic scenes in the Caribbean. The spectacular beaches of the West End - Meads Bay, Rendezvous Bay, Maundays Bay, Barnes Bay, Long Bay, Cove Bay - are like sparkling arches of sand that frame the sea of ​​infinite shades of blue, very typical of the place. Meanwhile, the East End of the island is rapidly developing as an alternative resort: quieter, it is blessed with the magnificent Shoal Bay East Beach, which now has a number of lodgings, famous restaurants, beach bars and a spa. .

Anguilla's quaint little town, Island Harbor, sits on the eastern tip of the island. Colorful boats dock in this sheltered cove, and the fishing pier juts out onto Scilly Cay Island, where small boats ferry tourists for a delicious lunch accompanied by a rum punch. Six other small islands are part of Anguilla: Scrub Island, Sombrero, Dog Islan, Sandy Island, Prickly Pearl, and Anguillita. Many tour companies offer excursions to one or more of these islands for a day of sea diving, snorkeling, observing local wildlife, or enjoying a delicious meal.


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