Reopening of borders, destinations in the center of the scene

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Reopening of borders, destinations in the center of the scene
Source: Twitter @BOG_ELDORADO
October 20, 2021

With the new sanitary measures announced, the creation of demand is once again a priority to recover markets

No one doubts that Covid-19 and its health crisis have not yet been resolved, but step by step the countries that have a better situation open borders, announce measures and reactivate tourism. In this way, the promotion of the country brand, the presence at international fairs and of course the advertising campaigns is once again a priority. 

There is a fact that cannot be ignored, tourism is no longer the same, therefore every penny invested must be thought based on the conception of the evolution that we are experiencing. It is even time to anticipate, to study the terrain well and think about the next step. At this point, it should be noted that not all destinations in the Americas had the same situation prior to the crisis. Taking into account that there are some more mature at the level of the tourist offer, more ideas will emerge to serve that demand that is eager to resume.

Here we share fundamental aspects to take into account to create or boost demand: 

  • Health security: Having stamps such as the Safe Travels of the WTTC can position the destination at least in the first post-covid years. The measures taken - and well communicated - will be reflected in the increase in reservations by a certain type of traveler who prioritizes this aspect.
  • Communication 360: The strategy in this field can be decisive, identify the correct audience, arrive with clear and forceful messages and above all using the correct means, it will enhance the recovery in the medium term without any doubt. At this point, the new profile of the post-pandemic tourist and their needs cannot be ignored, a small mistake in the campaign can make the difference between success and failure. It will also be important to adapt to each market niche.
  • Technology to get to know the traveler: innovation is playing a fundamental role when it comes to studying each potential visitor one by one, tools based on artificial intelligence will allow the development of new products and services to create demand and then maintain permanent contact during the stay in the destiny.
  • Travel agencies and their key contribution: This crisis has demonstrated the value of having trained companies and professionals who, minute by minute, contribute their grain of sand to resolve circumstances that affect a tourist's experience in a destination.
    Thanks to their role as generators, they provide peace of mind to their clients by giving support, recommending more and better alternatives and even offering insurance so that their stay is safe and pleasant.
  • Tourism 365: This pandemic and the consequent border closures have enabled states to create and reposition new destinations, it is a phenomenon that will gradually consolidate, seasonal adjustment has always been a basic factor in some countries where tourism is an important industry. . The new offer that has to arise supposes the objective of not depending on seasonality, quite the opposite. Alternatives should be sought to receive tourism throughout the year with innovative proposals. 
  • Consolidation of the digital nomad: Although many employees are returning to the offices, for many teleworking is here to stay, this opens the doors to put a firm focus on digital nomads as a formula to expand the offer: Collaboration between the different entities that make up the destination and the different types of accommodation will be essential when attracting a demand that is looking for new destinations and which is a fundamental factor in the seasonal adjustment.
  • Bet on inclusive tourism: Accessibility, increasingly on the rise due in part to the aging of the population, will continue its fair growth and will continue to provide greater comfort not only to people with special needs, but also to the rest of the population. Let's not forget that accessibility is essential for 7% of the population, good for 40% and comfortable for 100%. 
  • Respect for the environment: Sustainability was already a growing trend before the pandemic. Now it must become a sine qua non for the public and private sectors. It is not about not growing, but about doing it in a responsible way, taking advantage of all resources without compromising them. Giving value thanks to tourism itself is one of the keys and that is one of the fundamental pillars of regenerative tourism. Travelers who choose this type of tourism no longer want to leave the place as they found it. Now they want to leave it better after their passage due to participation in typical activities of the area, respecting the destination as if it were home, leaving money and contributing to local economic development. Rural tourism and its variants will be decisive in this new era of tourism that is presented to us. 
  • Joint work: The synergies between states and businessmen in this context leave no room for pettiness or lack of dialogue. A constructive relationship is more necessary than ever in rebuilding a damaged sector.

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