Colombian tourism continues the path of recovery

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Colombian tourism continues the path of recovery
Source: Mincomercio
October 20, 2021

The sector reported a reactivation close to 60% during the week of recess

The recovery of the tourism sector in the country became more noticeable after the end of the week of recess, when it managed to reach figures close to 60% occupancy, which shows a very positive dynamics for the sector.

This is clear from the analysis carried out by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism; the Colombian Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies, Anato, and the Hotel and Tourism Association of Colombia, Cotelco, which are working together to advance the safe economic reactivation of the sector.

The Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, María Ximena Lombana Villalba, indicated that "after preliminary reviewing the databases, we were able to identify an expectation of hotel occupancy of between 55% and 60% in the 2021 recess week".

According to the official, regarding non-resident visitors “it is estimated that in October 2021 between 166,865 and 199,167 passengers will arrive in the country, this means that only in this month we could have between 14 and 17.31% of the estimated goal for the whole year”.

For its part, the union that represents Travel Agencies, Anato, reported a reactivation of between 57% and 62% during the School Recess Week that just ended in the country.

According to the union's report, the reactivation of its travel sales at those levels was driven by the movement of passengers reported by Civil Aeronautics, equivalent to 870,874 on domestic flights and 350,863 on international ones.

“Travel Agencies have been innovating in the creation of products and services to both national and international places and have strengthened their customer service, which has attracted the interest of tourists and promotes the confidence to return to travel. This trend was seen in their sales for the Week of Recess”, explained Paula Cortés Calle, executive president of Anato.

Regarding the tourist segments with the highest demand during the season, family trips to national sun and beach destinations such as Cartagena, Santa Marta and San Andrés stand out. As for travelers to international destinations, the United States stood out, with its beaches and theme parks.

For the couples segment, the list was led by places of nature and adventure such as Guatapé, Eje Cafetero, Los Santanderes, Isla Gorgona and Punta Gallinas. And for travelers abroad, Punta Cana stands out, as a wellness destination, as well as Europe, for its cultural offer.

One of the destinations with the best results was Santa Marta, which according to the hoteliers' union, Cotelco, achieved an occupancy of 68.4% during the week of recess and had its peak with the highest demand for hotels during the holiday bridge, when reached 95%, according to Omar García Silva, executive president of Cotelco Magdalena.

The work coordinated between the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, unions and businessmen of the sector to guarantee the safe economic reactivation has been key and this trend is expected to continue by the end of the year.


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