Amadeus and KAYAK renew and extend their technology agreement

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Amadeus and KAYAK renew and extend their technology agreement
Source: Amadeus
October 21, 2021

Both companies seek to offer a fast and high-quality online flight comparison experience

As interest in business and leisure travel increases, travelers are looking for quick and easy ways to compare all their travel options in one place, making access to fast, high-quality search results a more important than ever. That's why KAYAK and Amadeus today renew and extend their technology agreement, continuing the long-standing collaboration between the two companies and expanding the use of Amadeus MetaConnect suite.

Amadeus flight search technology, which offers a suite of travel solutions that provides instant search results, will continue to drive KAYAK's ability to process billions of inquiries across its platforms each year. This makes it easy to discover and compare low prices and flexible rates in a quick search.

In addition to the two companies working together to provide quick and easy flight comparison, the renewed partnership accelerates the adoption of the Amadeus MetaConnect suite. With Amadeus MetaConnect, KAYAK can also create a streamlined search and assisted booking flow for a premium user experience with higher conversion rates for online airline partners.

"Through our expanded agreement with Amadeus, we can continue to innovate and test new features without impacting our users or our partner airlines for an overall improved flight search experience," said Ko Baryiames, Chief Technology Officer, KAYAK. "As we approach the busy travel season, traveler confidence is critical. Our goal is to continue to provide a great online shopping experience for our users by making the search and booking experience as easy as possible."

"KAYAK has been a key driver of our search innovation for many years, and we are delighted to expand our partnership. It is more important than ever that travel industry leaders like KAYAK and Amadeus work together to rebuild travel," he said. Ángel Gallego, Executive Vice President, Travel Distribution, Amadeus. "Meta search engines are critical to making travel accessible to everyone, and we will continue to drive the creation of the most powerful technology solutions that make travel available to people."


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