Colombia is once again number one in global bird watching event

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Colombia is once again number one in global bird watching event
Source: Manakin Nature Tours
October 25, 2021

During this contest organized by Cornell University, the country managed to record 1,335 species

Colombia once again demonstrated why it is the world leader in terms of number of bird species, as it once again took first place in the October edition of the Global Big Day event this year (held on October 9th). During this contest organized by Cornell University, Colombia managed to record 1,335 species of birds.

Colombia was also declared number one in both of this bi-annual event’s 2020 editions. This time, the event had more than 32,500 participants from 195 countries who recorded 7,267 bird species in 24 hours. Europe, Asia, North America, Central America, and South America were the regions with the highest number of participants.

An important characteristic of this event is that not all participants are necessarily experts or academics; a large number of birdwatching enthusiasts also take part. Its organizers describe it as an "excellent opportunity to celebrate birds from near and far for 24 hours."

In fact, Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia stated, "Awards like this one continue to help Colombia demonstrate its great potential for nature tourism activities, due to its immense biodiversity. This achievement is the result of cooperation among all the businesses who specialize in birdwatching as well as birdwatchers from all regions. Thanks to this effort, Colombia is once again highlighted as the best destination for this activity."

In addition, the agency led by Santoro—ProColombia—also participated; with the help of partner tour operators, they managed to present a list of nearly 300 species in order to contribute to Colombia’s registered sightings during the event.

Topping the list of Colombia’s regions with the most species observed were Antioquia with 519, Valle del Cauca with 500, and Tolima with 493. The complete list by department can be found by the following link.

The most observed species were the Catita Versicolor, a small, light green parakeet; the Biguá Cormorant, a seabird widely found from Mexico to the south; the Añapero Ñacundá, a large nocturnal bird with a short tail and long, rounded wings; and the Busardo Chapulinero, a slender hawk that migrates to South America every autumn.

Since 2017, Colombian birders have managed to earn the country six wins, except for a second place standing in the count made on October 19, 2019—when Brazil took first place—and in May 2021, when it followed Peru.


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