Guatemala continues to advance in the recovery of tourism

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Guatemala continues to advance in the recovery of tourism
Lourdes Maldonado, INGUAT
Source: INGUAT
November 02, 2021

According to INGUAT data, the Central American country has received 402,254 international visitors until September 30, which has generated US $ 255 million in foreign currency

As part of the actions that INGUAT has continued to promote for the recovery of tourism during this year, the country's tourism movement has behaved positively and, according to the Department of Market Research and Analysis, the country has received 402,254 visitors international, until September 30 of the year, which has generated US $ 255 million in foreign exchange.
Regarding the movement of trips for internal tourism that Guatemalans have made, the statistics reflect 62,111,827 trips, which has had an impact on Q.16,040 million in economic income

Year-end perspectives 
To end the year, the projection of international tourism movement for the end of 2021 is projected to reach a conservative measurement of 598,033 international visitors and US $ 299.47 in foreign currency. Regarding domestic tourism, it is expected to reach the optimistic projection of 73,418,123 trips that affect Q.20,124 million.

The cruise season for Guatemala begins
This day the cruise season for Guatemala officially started, with the arrival of the Celebrity Millennium at the “Marina Pez Vela” terminal in Puerto Quetzal in Escuintla. The cruise tourism segment is of utmost importance for Guatemala, since it allows visitors to enjoy and learn for a period of 10 to 14 hours the natural and cultural wonders that our country offers as a sample, so that later they can return with a longer stay.

For the current season that begins in November of this year and will culminate in May of next year, the arrival of 48 cruise ships is expected.

● 23 ships will dock in Puerto Quetzal

● 25 on the Atlantic side in Puerto Santo Tomas de Castilla

According to data from INGUAT Research and Market Analysis, the previous season 2019-2020, which was interrupted by the Covid 19 pandemic, registered the arrival of 93,356 cruise passengers with an average expenditure of US $ 179.99 with the arrival of 72 vessels, leaving the Guatemalan economy between the purchase of a tourist package, handicrafts, clothing, jewelry, food, drinks among others, around US $ 15.6 billion. Data provided by the BREA study conducted by the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association- FCCA-.

According to estimates, for the 2021-2022 season, taking into account that this number will vary according to the decisions of the Cruise Lines regarding capacity and capacities, around 55 thousand cruise passengers will be arriving in Guatemala with more than 30 thousand crew members. board.

Construction of the Country Brand
The progress of this project was recently announced, which is led by the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism -INGUAT-, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economy, with which it seeks to position and positively identify in the international market to Guatemala and with it that the country is able to attract tourists, investors, potentiate exports as well as new businesses.
The Country Brand is typified as a competitiveness strategy for Guatemala, to position a positive image abroad. With this, it is intended to attract investors, tourists and buyers of national products; reduce the gap between perception and reality of the country outside its borders and, above all, promote the actions that Guatemalans do in the world.
The construction of the Country Brand will include the diagnosis and investigation of reference countries of competitiveness and issuers for Guatemala in trade, investment, tourism such as Canada, United States, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, United Kingdom, Korea, India, Mainland China and Japan. which will be developed in seven phases.
The country brand is expected to be completed at the end of the first semester of 2022. Peru, Colombia and Costa Rica are some of the countries that have a country brand, and through its good management, they have improved their reputation and perception. international standing out for its gastronomy, economy and nature respectively.


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