Hilton Global Trends Report Reveals New Traveler Profile In 2022

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Hilton Global Trends Report Reveals New Traveler Profile In 2022
Source: Hilton
November 05, 2021

The report reveals that in two years, people's lives were drastically altered and that radically changed their preferences

There is no doubt that the pandemic changed travel, but that is only part of the reality. Today, Hilton released a global trends report looking at how the pandemic changed people. The report, "The Traveler in 2022: Emerging Trends and the Traveler Redefined, A Hilton Report," takes a deep dive into an important truth:  In two years, people's lives have been dramatically altered, and that have radically changed people.

As a company that has received 3 billion guests in its more than 100 years of history, Hilton shows in the report how it is evolving together with the traveler, addressing areas of its specialty such as:

  • Fitness: How app workouts and new exercise routines have changed people's focus on where, when and how they exercise when traveling.
  • Spa: How a greater focus on wellness is evolving the spa, as well as the holistic experience of staying in a hotel.
  • Food and Beverage: How the 2020 Sourdough Craze Is Translating Into Increased Demand for Culinary Adventures; how tequila sales are dramatically outpacing bourbon, the leading drink in bars before the pandemic.
  • Sustainability: From cooking in solar ovens to exploring the use of electric bikes, how 18 months of isolation is fueling a renewed passion for a healthy planet.
  • Design: How Homemade Home Improvement, Plant Hobbies, and Backyard Work Are Changing People's Perspective on Hotel Design.
  • Amenities: How the surge in pet adoption during the pandemic is generating increased interest in pet travel and hotel dog park development, special incentives and more.
  • Loyalty: How the rise of loyalty programs, across all industries, is driving greater personalization and benefits for customers.

“The world, and the hotel industry, have been through a lot in the last two years. And, as we discovered in this report, the needs and interests of travelers have also changed, ”said Chris Nassetta, Hilton President and CEO. “At Hilton, we've been incredibly focused on delivering the experiences our guests are looking for, through all the ups and downs we've faced. Looking ahead, I am optimistic about what awaits us; travel is certainly making a comeback and we are very excited to build on that momentum.

The Report highlights dozens of eye-opening travel and behavior trends that are leading to innovations both inside and outside the hotel. While each trend details specific information and data driving change, four consistent themes emerged that sum up the new traveler, modified by the pandemic:

  • Amid the chaos, people found efficiencies and will seek the same in travel: People have embraced efficiencies in many aspects of their lives and will seek similar conveniences in their travels, such as contactless check-in and check-out and keys digital.
  • The overall focus on wellness will extend beyond the gym: With the reinvention of the workplace and the adoption of new routines and habits, travelers will seek more stability and balance in their travel schedules.
  • They nurtured new and existing passions, and will have more refined tastes and preferences: New and renewed hobbies are leading to a more informed, sophisticated and, in some cases, fitter traveler for 2022. People are anticipated to pack their passions, driving demand for new trends in  fitness , culinary options, and unique travel experiences.
  • A new sense of affection has emerged, and it is expected to strengthen: The pandemic separated families and friends, which is leading to a prioritization of travel for family reunions and to reconnect in 2022. Beyond their close circles, Travelers are expected to care more about sustainability and community endeavors, and seek to remain loyal to brands, businesses, and organizations that align with their values.

"The impact of the pandemic on the travel industry is well documented. However, it is equally important to recognize the psychological impact that the pandemic had and will continue to have on travelers for years to come," said Dr. Kate Cummins, Psy. D, a clinical psychologist who recognizes travel as an important component of mental well-being: “The traveler may have changed, but the benefit of traveling remains the same: greater emotional health and well-being, and after two difficult years, that's something that we all need".


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