Mundo Imperial, much more than hospitality

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Mundo Imperial, much more than hospitality
Mauricio Ramírez, Mundo Imperial
Source: Travel2latam
November 11, 2021

With a rich history of innovation, the Mexican firm has become an example of innovation and development. To find out more details, we interviewed your Commercial & Marketing Director Mauricio Ramírez 

Mundo Imperial is participating in IMEX America, there we have been able to exclusively interview its Commercial & Marketing Director Mauricio Ramírez. we share their responses below:

Reviewing its history, how is the Mundo Imperial chain formed?
It is important to start by highlighting that we belong to the Autofin Group, which is a company that was born with an automotive focus as one of the main in Mexico and our president is the accountant Juan Antonio Hernández, a visionary man who has always focused on showing that Mexico It can be competitive, he had detected that there was great potential in the tourism industry and thus founded Mundo Imperial with a project that contemplated the development of Expo Forum and a hotel in the Diamante area of ​​Acapulco baptized as Palacio Mundo Imperial. This project took a few years to complete and finally saw the light of day in 2014. The tourism division is led by Mr. Seyed Rezvani, an official with great drive and recognized in the industry who has been a great architect of a successful management. Then the possibility arises of acquiring two additional hotels in Acapulco, the Acapulco Princess and him Pier Márquez. They were acquired in 2015 and became Princess Mundo Imperial, there begins the rich history that we have. It is worth clarifying that we are not just a hotel company, we are proud to say that we are a hospitality and entertainment company which makes us different. We have even sought to further promote this development and we have two 18-hole golf courses. We are promoters of sports cultural activities, gastronomic and as an example I can mention we are the headquarters of the Mexican Tennis Open that has been held at Princess Mundo Imperial for many years and now we are happy because we are in the stadium that had a capacity of just over 6000 attendees and now in this new edition that we will have for the last week of February we will have a capacity of more than 10,000 additional attendees. We even have many other events that we promote The World Padel Tour and the Ironman.
The Mundo Imperial Forum has a capacity of 4000 seats and there we have held events of international quality with artists such as Ricky Martín, Chayanne or Luis Miguel.

What properties do they currently have?
In Acapulco we have the Princess Mundo Imperial with 1011 rooms, the Palacio Mundo Imperial with 814 rooms and Pierre Mundo Imperial with 229, it is important to emphasize that they are iconic properties. The fourth hotel of the group is Wayam, which is located in the downtown area of ​​Mérida. It is our new venture and has 52 suites. We will also be announcing the opening of a new property in Celestún scheduled for the end of the second half of 2022. There is an ecological reserve with five kilometers of beach on the Gulf of Mexico. It will have a wellness focus.

What are your strategic markets?
For the hotels in Acapulco, our main market is Mexico, we have a proximity to Mexico City that is actually 35 minutes away by flying or when someone travels by road arrives in 3 hours, even clients arrive from all the neighboring cities such as Morelos, Puebla, Toluca, Guadalajara, etc. At the international level Acapulco is receiving flights from South America and also logically from the United States, mainly from Houston, Dallas, New York and Chicago. Now we are looking to develop more emissive markets such as Canada, we already have guests arriving from Montreal and Quebec.


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