Latin America and the Caribbean will have great growth in the next two years

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Latin America and the Caribbean will have great growth in the next two years
Louise Bang, Marriott Hotels & Resorts
Source: Travel2latam
November 12, 2021

This was stated by Louise Bang, Regional Vice President of Sales and Distribution at Marriott Hotels & Resorts in an exclusive interview 

During IMEX America, we were able to exclusively interview Louise Bang, Regional Vice President of Sales and Distribution at Marriott Hotels & Resorts. We share their responses below:

How do you imagine the future in the short and medium term?
I think the future is more like it will be more like the past than we all think. Throughout the pandemic, we have seen more leisure trips, the ones that have benefited the most from this have been the Mexican Caribbean resorts and we have also seen them in Costa Rica, which gives us great joy. These clients have come mostly from the United States, but we are also receiving and for some time we have received many requests from groups, they also have a different profile than they had in the past, they may be a little smaller in some segments. Every month we see that the reservation period is lengthened and something very beneficial for us is that they are reserving us for more years in the future.
We are receiving groups that are reserving an entire hotel or an entire area of ​​a hotel for small meetings because there is a need to meet in person, companies need to motivate their employees and business partners.
Now we are starting to see a bit of a revival in business travel, but we believe it will be combined with leisure travel. People are wanting to make sure that even if it's a 2-day business meeting, you can have a local experience or extend an evening, especially if you are traveling with someone.

What is the chain's commercial strategy?
We have very good sales channels, we make sure that the client can buy it on our website and from travel agents. If it is a group, we work closely with MICE professionals and corporate agencies.
They know that we have a hotel in the desired location at the price they need and the transaction is simple.

How is the affinity program working?
Marriott Bonvoy has had a formidable active reception, it has a selection of 30 hotel brands around the world, it includes different options for local experiences, with which our clients have a guide to what they can do in each of the destinations. Even from the application they can check in, order services within the hotel and see their preferences during their stay.

What is your vision of the market in Latin America and the Caribbean?
We are all seeing the same recovery trends, unlike the other large chains that compete more directly with Marriott, we have many more luxury products in our portfolio, thereby benefiting much more from the leisure traveler. We have a lot of growth ahead as well, we already have 270 and we have many openings.
I think that we are going to have 18 months and 2 very strong years in the Caribbean and Latin America because the American client, who is the primary client for the region, is going to stay in this area.
We believe that Mexico, the Caribbean, as well as Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Chile will be marked strong for us. In addition, the opening of the borders will promote intra-regional travel.


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