Colombian tourism confirms its recovery in Q3

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Colombian tourism confirms its recovery in Q3
Paula Cortés Calle, Anato
Source: Twitter @AnatoNacional
November 17, 2021

Travel agency revenues fell 29%, however, it was the quarter with the lowest losses so far this year

According to the most recent Quarterly Sample of Travel Agencies of DANE, employment continues to be very affected, however, in this third quarter it left its downward trend as it had been presenting throughout the pandemic and remained with a decrease in the 43%.

“During the third quarter, a stabilization of employment was achieved, and we hope that, with the reactivation of the end-of-year season, the increase in the arrival of foreign visitors and the reactivation of the domestic market, our companies will begin to reintegrate these workers. that were lost with the beginning of the epidemiological situation ”, explained Paula Cortés Calle, executive president of ANATO.

This is also driven by an interest of the Colombian to travel at the end of the year to destinations such as Cabo de La Vela (La Guajira) for sun and beach tourism; San Gil, to experience adventure tourism; or the Amazon to enjoy nature, through tourist packages offered by Travel Agencies on the website.

The above has achieved that, in the third quarter, the income of Travel Agencies fell by 29%, however, it has been the quarter with the lowest losses so far this year, since the second quarter the fall was 56% , when compared with the same periods of 2019.

It is expected that a positive trend will continue at the end of the year, taking into account that in the third quarter there was a constant increase in the monthly reactivation of passenger traffic, starting in July with 76% and in September with 86%, which will have an impact on income generation and employed personnel.

“To continue contributing to the recovery of the sector, two aspects are essential. The first of these is to continue promoting traveler confidence and this is being achieved through advances in vaccination in countries and the adaptation of destinations in accordance with biosafety protocols. And a second action is related to the creation and design of more innovative products that contribute to the development and growth of tourism, and that is what we are aiming for with the holding of the Second National Meeting of Receptive Tourism ”, concluded the union leader.


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