Tianguis Turístico 2021, inclusion as a priority

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Tianguis Turístico 2021, inclusion as a priority
Source: SECTUR
November 18, 2021

For the first time, the event has a stand developed in coordination with various organizations focused on people with disabilities

The Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, and the governor of Yucatán, Mauricio Vila Dosal, carried out the ribbon cutting today to formally start the activities within the 45th edition of the Tianguis Turístico México, which this year is based in Merida.

During the ceremony, the parade performed by people with disabilities, women and men of all ages, wearing the typical costumes of the various states of the Mexican Republic stood out.

In this regard, the secretary Torruco Marqués pointed out that this edition of the event has something very special, since the Tianguis Turístico México 2021 bets on accessibility and inclusion as a lever for growth and economic recovery in the sector.

He explained that, for the first time, the Tianguis Turístico has an inclusive stand, developed in coordination with various civil society organizations focused on people with disabilities, which seek to highlight the importance of inclusion and accessibility as the axis of the economic development of the city. tourist industry.

In accordance with the work of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, having accessible and inclusive hotels, beaches and tourist destinations is fundamental and not only for people with disabilities, but also for those people with mobility difficulties or with young children who require facilities with greater accessibility. Today is the time to give greater added value, both to the national and international clients, benefiting the sector of our country.  

Including people with disabilities is not only a matter of rights and inclusion of people with disabilities, but also represents an important economic market that benefits the tourism sector.

Taking into account the figures of people with disabilities in Mexico, provided by INEGI, and the average members of their families and companions, we are talking about a potential market of more than 60 million people seeking accessible and inclusive destinations.

Likewise, the head of the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) expressed that with this Tourist Tianguis the restart is experienced, the rebirth of the tourist activity.

He added that, due to the pandemic, the economies of the tourist powers that compete with Mexico fell 84 percent, but in the case of Mexico it was 46 percent.

“This is just part of the work that has been carried out and that put us on the road to recovery, with the support of the private sector and the three levels of government. We are the great tourist family that today we have met again in this 45th edition of the Tourist Tianguis. So it is a great honor to be here, ”he said.

He pointed out that in the Tourist Tianguis there are always new things to see to reflect on. “We should be proud of this, the most important tourism festival in Latin America. So congratulations to the entire tourist family, who are the ones who should get the applause for being very intrusive and carrying out this wonderful activity ”, he assured.

Subsequently, the secretary Torruco Marqués and the governor of Yucatán, Mauricio Vila, together with the entity's Secretary of Tourism, Michelle Fridman, made a tour of the fairgrounds to each of the stands, where there was a large and intense attendance activity in spaces for business appointments.


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