Positive balance for Viva Air in 2021

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Positive balance for Viva Air in 2021
Félix Antelo, Viva
Source: Viva
November 18, 2021

In a challenging year for the airline industry, the firm with a 'Super Low Cost' model is positioned as a regional leader

In the year of economic reactivation, Viva is among the few airlines in the world that registered growth, projecting to transport 6.5 million passengers during 2021, on more than 40 thousand flights at the end of the year, with an occupancy in its aircraft of the 85%. The Super Low Cost company, which promoted what is now known as the democratization of the skies, increased its network of connections to 34 national and seven international routes, and is ratified, for the third consecutive year, as the most punctual airline in Colombia, according to the OAG report.
Among its most important milestones, Viva highlighted how 2021 was the year of the launch of its new image, which dressed the airports of Colombia, Peru, Mexico and the United States in yellow, as well as the year in which the model of Super Low Cost, as the best option to give all Colombians the opportunity to “fly more”. Also, the increase in its fleet, which already has 21 aircraft, of which 10 are A320 NEO, that is, aircraft that reduce the environmental impact by generating a 20% saving in fuel consumption, reducing up to 5,000 tons of CO2 emissions, as well as 50% of the noise in the cabins. And, finally, the inauguration of its HUB MEDELLIN Connection Center, which has facilitated the connection of more than 250,000 passengers so far this year,
“2021 has undoubtedly been a very positive year for the Company. We have been pioneers in safe reactivation, showing our passengers that it is possible to fly with all biosafety protocols to a wide network of routes, guaranteeing the punctuality of their flights and, above all, at low prices. The figures that we deliver today
they ratify the trust and preference of Colombian travelers for Viva and its Super Low Cost model ”, stated Félix Antelo, CEO & President of Grupo Viva.
In the framework of the 2021 Balance, the airline highlighted how it positively influenced the rapid recovery of the airline industry in the country by offering 12% more seats than in 2019 (pre-pandemic year), and recovering from the second half of 2021 the average number of monthly passengers transported, a testament to the new impulse in the industry and the confidence of Colombian travelers in Viva; Likewise, it was classified as 'The kings of the beaches' thanks to its 18 routes to sea destinations and the widest range of seats available in the destinations San Andrés (49% of the offer in the destination is from Viva), Santa Marta (44%) and Cartagena (35%) for the first quarter of 2022.
Recently, the Company also announced the alliance with Tuya and Puntos Colombia, for the launch of the 'Viva Card', an initiative that offers the mass segment the opportunity to travel at unique prices, thanks to access to credits and discounts on tickets. An alliance that projects a reach of more than 10 million Colombians.
On the other hand, it is worth remembering that during the last two years, Viva has focused its efforts on transforming itself and guaranteeing strict compliance with biosafety protocols for its passengers when flying, which allowed it to be the first airline in the country. to be certified with the 'Certified Check In' biosafety seal, as well as the 'Biosecurity Operations' granted by ICONTEC, and the 'Safe Travel' international seal. In addition to this, all the Company's airplanes have technology with HEPA air filters, which renew the air every 3 minutes and eliminate particles and viruses; and, in addition, to date 95% of its staff is immunized against the coronavirus.
“Since our start of operations in 2012, at Viva we have transported more than 30 million travelers between Colombia and Peru, on an average of 217 thousand flights. This has been possible thanks to a Super Low Cost differential fare offer, as well as compliance with the highest standards of safety and punctuality on our flights, which, it should be noted, allowed us to ratify for the third consecutive year as the most punctual airline in Colombia and one of the most important airlines in Latin America, having a 90% compliance as a holding company. Punctuality is and will continue to be an obsession for Viva ”, confirmed Antelo.
All this without neglecting the strategies that the airline carries out together with its Viva foundation, which during the year benefited more than 27,500 people in Colombia and Peru, investing more than 2,100 million pesos in projects and programs that favor population conditions. vulnerable, as well as the transport of 35 tons of items such as prostheses, school kits, books and humanitarian aid.
Finally, after nine years of operations, Viva has proven to be a catalyst for the market through its Super Low Cost model. With the growth of its operations in the Colombian air market, it allows more and more users to connect with the country and the world, being the main axis of the economic reactivation and finding opportunities in the midst of the deepest crisis that it has had. the airline industry.


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