OYO Hotels participates in Tianguis Turistico 2021

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OYO Hotels participates in Tianguis Turistico 2021
Prasun Choudhary, OYO Hotel International
Source: Travel2latam
November 19, 2021

The hotel network has a prominent presence in the event that takes place in Mérida, Yucatán

OYO Hotel International is a hotel network that has had a marathon growth in recent years. To learn about its history and current events, we had the opportunity to interview its President Prasun Choudhary at Tianguis Turístico. We share their responses below:

How was the company born and how did they manage to expand globally? 
Our company was born in India, we formed a network by partnering with independent hotels. We offer them commercial and technological support and they also become part of our loyalty program with more than 10 million customers. We have our own application with which you can book a hotel in any of the cities where we operate. That has helped us a lot to achieve loyalty from our customers.

How do you seduce hoteliers to become part of OYO?
The value proposition is centered on technology and the focus on the standardization of these small hotels, which exist all over the world. We help them to maximize occupancy, with their rates, with technology to operate the business and, in addition, we give them operational support and make an investment, often jointly, for the standardization of the property.

What are the requirements to be part of OYO?
We have a fairly flexible work scheme. At the end of the day, depending on how much money we have to invest in the property, we determine the return we want to achieve, and this is how we set the commission with the owners. Hotel partners register an average occupancy increase of between 20 and 30% after joining.

Where do they currently have a presence?
We have operations in many countries around the world, with major operations in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. In the midst of global expansion, we noticed great progress in the US, Mexico and Brazil, very large markets, there we began to look for new hotels in other markets as well.
2020 was a bad year for everyone, this year we are seeing hospitality slowly return to its course, so we hope to expand our company. We will intensify our promotion, we have begun to participate in events like this, which is vital for our development in Mexico. 


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