Profitroom promotes its solutions at Tianguis Turístico

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Profitroom promotes its solutions at Tianguis Turístico
Gregorio Núñez Cáceres, Profitroom
Source: Travel2latam
November 19, 2021

The technology firm is participating in the fair that ends today in Mérida, Yucatán

Profitroom is an innovative technology firm that offers solutions so that hoteliers can have a more profitable operation. The firm is participating in Tianguis Turístico, where we have been able to interview Gregorio Núñez Cáceres, Director of Business Development for Spain and Latin America. We share their responses below:  

How was Profitroom born and what is its turnover today?
The Profitroom story begins in the summer of 2009, when our president, Marcin Dragan, decided to explore vacation options for himself and found that resorts simply didn't have the technology to allow you to book online at the last minute. Since then he has been determined to solve this problem and provide an affordable technology solution for every hotel. After 13 years, we already have a client portfolio of more than 3,500 hotels that we have helped to regain control of their reservations and increase direct reservations.

How do you define Profitroom?
We define ourselves as a technological partner that supports the hotelier until the end of the sales process. Our team pairs former hoteliers with technology experts to create the perfect match for your business.

What presence do they have in Latin America and the Caribbean?
We entered America through Mexico and Colombia. Latin America for us is a hot spot on the map of global expansion.

What is your vision of the Mexican market?
We are holding meetings with the hotels to show them many of the things where we believe that we can improve and above all to listen to them, find out what their points of view are and see together how we can work. I think we have a solution that is going to surprise you, especially by operation, it is super simple. Another important detail is that we have the team behind to always help, so that the hotelier is able to manage from the beginning to the end of the process.
With the health crisis, the entire industry has revalued technology. Our point of view is that what we have to do is the evaluation after a short time of the market. Mexico is a huge market. For example, the number of hotels that Mexico City has is equivalent to that of several countries. I was surprised that they have technology, it cannot be said that there is no investment in that, even on many occasions, they have bought solutions that are not fully used. Even closing contracts of three or four years of permanence. That is almost almost a announced death sentence, because technology and needs change. More with a crisis like the one generated by Cvid-19.

What is the main difference between Profitroom and other companies that offer similar solutions?
There are other solutions like the ones we offer, but I would say that you have to see the needs of the hotel, where we can perhaps have an advantage is in the experience that we have in very mature markets.


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