Innovation in the tourism product, a great opportunity for evolution for the industry

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Innovation in the tourism product, a great opportunity for evolution for the industry
Lourdes Berho, Alchemia Communications Group
Source: Alchemia Communications Group
November 23, 2021

Lourdes Berho, President and Founder of Alchemia Communications Group, offered a keynote conference at Tianguis Turístico where she highlighted the importance of innovating in this moment of transformation

Thanks to a trajectory of 40 years of experience representing and promoting destinations in Mexico and the world, Lourdes Berho has become a benchmark in the tourism industry.

In addition to heading Alchemia Communications Group, an integrated marketing agency specialized in tourism and sustainability, among other areas, Lourdes is regional director of Brand USA in Mexico and Latin America and Coordinator of the Committee for Communication of Products and Segments of the Council of Tourism Diplomacy. organism installed by SECTUR and SRE to promote Mexico abroad. Previously, in 2016, she was appointed general director of the Mexican Tourism Promotion Council (CPTM) by the President of the Republic and the then Secretary of Tourism Enrique de la Madrid; During his tenure, Mexico reached the highest levels in number of visits and average spending by foreigners, thanks to its drive for innovative forms of promotion.

This vision of thinking "outside the box" was also transmitted in his keynote address "Innovation and accelerated transformation in the face of adversity: The new model of tourism product development" that he presented at the Tianguis Turístico held in Mérida, Yucatán. Berho began by talking about how travel makes us better human beings, as it brings us together with other people, expands our minds to other cultures, and reconnects us with ourselves. He mentioned that traveling is one of the activities that people want to do with the greatest enthusiasm after the confinement that we were forced to go through. In addition, he highlighted some trends that have been exponential in the wake of the pandemic, such as experiences that have a purpose and that are related to well-being, integration and sustainability,

"There is a greater interest in discovering lesser-known destinations and being able to live more genuine experiences that combine cosmopolitan adventures with nature but, above all, make us feel alive and have an exchange with the local culture," said Lourdes Berho. "Today more than ever, travelers prefer tourism products that prioritize inclusion, diversity, and environmentally and socially responsible practices."

The businesswoman concluded her keynote address by presenting the essential points for DMOs (Destination Management Organizations) to innovate and continue their evolution:

  • Focus on the product
  • Tell unique, personal and different stories
  • Accept and take advantage of your distinctive reputation
  • Keep your story simple
  • Create symbolic actions
  • Organize according to projects
  • Empower your people
  • Use personalization

You can see the full lecture "Accelerated innovation and transformation in the face of adversity: The new tourism product development model" given by Lourdes Berho by clicking here.


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