San Miguel de Allende promoted its attractions in Tianguis Turístico

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San Miguel de Allende promoted its attractions in Tianguis Turístico
Laura Torres Septién-Torres
Source: Travel2latam
November 23, 2021

The Mexican destination seeks to promote the recovery of the sector and exceed the levels prior to the start of the pandemic

San Miguel de Allende is known as "The Heart of Mexico", not only for its privileged location, but for its vast history and firm interest in preserving Mexican traditions and culture. Before the pandemic, it was known to be one of the main and most exclusive destinations in the country, today it seeks to recover the volume of visitors and even exceed pre-academic levels.
To know in detail the news there, during the Tourist Tianguis we have interviewed Laura Torres Septién-Torres, President of the Tourist Council. We share the answers below:

How do you see the reactivation that is taking place within the field of tourism?
We already see that there is a frank reactivation, in San Miguel those were very complicated moments that we went through in 2020, four months that we were closed but that has helped us to reorganize ourselves. The reopening has been very orderly and positive, we have made great strides with new segments such as nature tourism that were not normally an important part of our offer. I think we are on a very good path, the numbers are still not what we brought you in 2019, we still need to recover part of the tourism from abroad.

What infrastructure do you have today?
We were very surprised that in the four months that we were closed there was a lot of investment, new restaurants and hotels were opened. Some of the important chains that come to San Miguel and trust the development of the destination. Now we have a renewed offer.

How do you work to promote the destination?
Under a trust we work together the public and private sectors. From there, all the promotion of the destination is programmed with the resource available from both sectors. We are in a transition of a change of Government, a new stage is coming for San Miguel. Between the end of this year and the beginning of 2022 we will launch a new campaign.
It is important to note that we are a small city, therefore, we seek to target the high-net-worth tourist and also capture very exclusive small conventions of up to 1500 people.

How is the destination connectivity currently?
We are the heart of Mexico, we are in the center of the country and therefore our activity is very good at the road and air level. We have a very short distance from the Querétaro Airport, the Querétaro Airport and the Bajío Airport.
Almost all the flights that used to arrive have returned. We are very pleased and we are already advocating for new routes to be opened, for example, we are now negotiating a new flight from New York.

What is your message for tourism professionals?
I would like to emphasize that we are working hard to offer a high level destination and above all safe. We know the importance of operators and agencies, they are our great allies to promote the recovery of the sector and continue to grow above the levels we had.


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