Technology, the key to rebuilding the confidence of business travelers

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Technology, the key to rebuilding the confidence of business travelers
Source: IATA
November 24, 2021

Amadeus has published a report that highlights the important contribution of new tools to recover a key segment 

By Arlene Coyle, Senior Vice President, Corporations Sales Direct at Amadeus

Despite the best video conferencing technology, meeting people in person is an inherent part of the business. You need to build relationships with partners, colleagues, and clients.

Although we are beginning to see a return in business travel, and we all agree that business is better in real life, it is important to recognize the lasting impact COVID-19 will have on business travel in the future. We have the opportunity not only to rebuild business trips, but to rebuild them better. But how? Delving into the discovery of what travelers really want. That's why over the past 12 months, we commissioned three global traveler surveys to understand traveler sentiment during this unique moment. 

The latest traveler research focuses on attitudes to travel, highlighting concerns and sentiment toward travel health data, openness to technology, and sustainable travel. We found that while people are seriously considering new factors and priorities on whether to travel or not, technology is and will continue to play a critical role.

The latest survey reports that 98% of business travelers say technology will increase their confidence to travel, compared to 95% in February 2021. In addition, technology and innovation appear to be key to building confidence in travelers and the recovery of the industry, illustrated by the fact that only 3% of respondents said that no technology would increase their confidence to travel in the next 12 months. The travel industry is in a critical stage, the demand for travel is growing as we see some restrictions being eased, but traveler concerns still exist and need to be addressed with innovative solutions to help build trust as quickly as possible. possible and long term.

For example, in today's world, business traveler expectations have evolved with COVID-19, raising expectations for seamless, contactless travel. Our survey found that the top five technologies that would increase travel confidence in the next 12 months would be: 

  • Mobile applications that provide notifications and alerts during the trip
  • Self-service check-ins
  • Contactless mobile payments
  • Automated and flexible cancellation policies
  • Mobile boarding

This is great news, at Amadeus we are committed to transforming the travel experience by building the smartest and most connected corporate travel ecosystem in the world. The solutions we develop for corporations, airlines, airports, and travel agencies will provide just this. 

We saw a willingness to use technology to help combat travel-related concerns, which sends a positive message to our industry: by working together we can better rebuild travel. This is another reason why we have taken a traveler-centric approach when it comes to research and innovation. By understanding the challenges and sentiment of today's business travelers, we can rebuild travel and create the kind of travel experience business travelers have come to expect. Such as the development of the safe travel ecosystem, a global program designed to help the industry overcome these challenges and accelerate recovery. Or the addition of capabilities to Traveler ID, a secure platform for its travel provider clients, which connects, 

We continue to work collaboratively with industry partners and clients to innovate, improving the business traveler experience and operational efficiencies, all to help the industry rebuild travel. This is the first in a series of blogs, where we will describe some of the innovative solutions we offer at Amadeus in response to the needs of business travelers.


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