A Guide for the Economic Recovery of Tourism is presented in Brazil

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A Guide for the Economic Recovery of Tourism is presented in Brazil
Gilson Machado Neto
Source: MTur
November 24, 2021

The document has been ordered by the Ministries of Tourism and Economy and produced by the international consulting firm KPMG 

The Ministries of Tourism and Economy launched, this Tuesday (11/23), the Guide for the Economic Recovery of Tourism in Brazil. The document gathers a brief diagnosis of the sector in the country and presents a survey of trends, opportunities and challenges for tourism, as well as a mapping of good practices adopted in other countries of the world.

To access the document, click here

During the launch of the publication, the Minister of Tourism, Gilson Machado Neto, highlighted the importance of the initiative. "This document must become a reference for discussion in our sector, helping public and private managers, as well as the entire tourist production chain, in the recovery of our sector, so that we can raise Brazilian tourism to the level of our people ", he said.

The document, prepared by the international consulting firm KPMG, is the result of technical cooperation between the Special Secretariat for Productivity and Competitiveness of the Ministry of Economy. Aimed at the public and private sectors, the Guide proposes projects to support the economic recovery and growth of the sector in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. The guide was developed with the support of the Ministry of Tourism, the National Tourism Council and the G20 + group.

For the preparation of the document, KPMG interviewed 42 entrepreneurs and specialists and applied a survey of the productive chain of the sector in all regions of the country. Based on the active listening of the sector and the analysis of the best global practices, it identified short-term proposals that could mitigate the economic effects of the tourism crisis, in addition to pointing out possible medium and long-term problems that affect the economic transformation. and growth.

The special secretary of Sepec / ME, Carlos Da Costa, stressed that the work followed fundamental values. “The first: the truth and the truth are out there. KPMG sought the truth of the entrepreneurs in the sector, which are those factors that, in its opinion and based on international experience, would improve the country the most. Second: freedom. We need to free our businessman, get the government out of the neck of the producers. And finally: prosperity. We are living in a time when we can reinvent and accelerate various things for Brazilian tourism, ”he said.

The document suggests 20 strategic initiatives for the sector, which include expanding connectivity in tourist cities with Wi-Fi and broadband Internet; promote incentives to attract investment for nautical tourism; promote the "Calendar of Events" according to the content of each region; expand ecotourism with a focus on the main conservation units of the country; strengthen "short-term" tourism near large capitals; and promote domestic tourism so that Brazilians know more about Brazil.

The document also highlights the figures of the impact of the pandemic in Brazil and in the world. It also denotes that the tourist in the post-pandemic scenario will be more careful with health and hygiene, demanding in relation to ethical and sustainable consumption and will be in search of new destinations.

Maurício Endo, partner-leader of the KPMG government in Brazil, says that in order to overcome these challenges imposed on tourism, recover the market and make it happen again, or he needs to maintain public-private collaboration and strengthen strategies directed to digitalization. , innovation and sustainability.

In this sense, this guide identifies, through an analysis of impacts along the value chain in the different regions of the country, the opinion of internal and external experts at KPMG, and the best international practices, the strategic initiatives oriented to the recovery of the industry and its sustainable transformation in the medium and long term. The advance of vaccination is already contributing to the resumption of national and international travel for the tourist, family and family segment (VFR), however, corporate traffic is recovering more slowly due to the transformation it had during the pandemic and the need to mitigate risks. to its employees ”, says Maurício Endo.

In 2019, tourism accounted for 10.4% of world GDP. In Brazil, the share was 7.7% (we usually use 8%), with stagnant growth. It is one of the sectors that employs the most in the country: 1 out of every 13 jobs are in Tourism. There are 7.4 million jobs in the different segments with R $ 238.6 billion of generated income.

During the ceremony, the results of a national alliance, created by  Ordinance MTur No. 754, of November 10, launched in 2020  , to guide the Resumption of Tourism were also presented. The initiative, which involved the public and private sectors, the third sector and Sistema S, was coordinated by the Ministry of Tourism and sought to mitigate the negative effects caused in the sector by Covid-19.

The collective effort was structured in four areas of action: I - preservation of companies and jobs in the tourism sector; II - improvement of the structure and qualification of the destinations; III - implementation of biosafety protocols; and IV - promotion and incentive to travel.

Among the main results are the publication of the reservation change and cancellation regulations for the tourism sector, through MP 948/2020 and MP 1036/2021; the promotion of free training courses for the sector; the launch of the Investment Portal; the investment of about R $ 200 million in the delivery to the population of 42 tourism infrastructure projects throughout the country; the extension of adherence to the Responsible Tourism Seal, which provides for a series of biosafety protocols for the sector; the launching of national and regional promotional campaigns to promote the safe return of travel, as well as access to facilitate access to credit.


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