Norwegian Cruise Line confirmed that it will operate again in Argentina

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Norwegian Cruise Line confirmed that it will operate again in Argentina
November 24, 2021

The cruise company will make four trips to Antarctica in a single season, making visible the confidence generated by the country for the reactivation of international tourism

Norwegian Cruise Line annually transports more than 2.7 million passengers. Its ships, considered "a destination in itself" for its elegance and its wide range of activities, will call in Buenos Aires, Puerto Madryn and Ushuaia. Before the pandemic, more than 40,000 people visited those cities during cruise seasons.
By 2021/2022, the company plans to arrive in the country with two luxury vessels. Norwegian Star will arrive in Buenos Aires on January 13. It has capacity for 2,400 passengers and will develop four itineraries to Antarctica, calling in Ushuaia and on some of its itineraries in Puerto Madryn. For the first time, a ship of this size will make this many trips to Antarctica in a single season.
The company will make practically all its spare parts in Buenos Aires, instead of distributing them between the Argentine capital and Valparaíso and / or San Antonio, both in Chile.
The MV Marina will also be added, a luxury cruise that will arrive in Ushuaia on December 29 and will also visit Buenos Aires and Puerto Madryn. It will also carry out itineraries visiting Antarctica and Chile.
The Executive Secretary of INPROTUR, Ricardo Sosa, considered that “this decision by Norwegian Cruise Line shows the confidence generated by the Argentine tourism sector, in addition to the benefit that Buenos Aires, Ushuaia and even Puerto Madryn will receive, and above all the realization, for the first time, from several trips to Antarctica in a single season. These are news that we must highlight within the framework of the tourist recovery that our country is having ”.
Between the two ships, a total of 19 calls are estimated at Argentine ports during the 21/22 season, reaffirming the importance of the segment to promote inbound tourism in the country.


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