Miguel Torruco meets with the Tourism Commission of the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico

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Miguel Torruco meets with the Tourism Commission of the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico
Source: SECTUR
November 24, 2021

The Secretary of Tourism held a courtesy meeting, prior to his appearance in the Lower House

The Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, met this morning with the members of the Tourism Commission of the Chamber of Deputies.

It was a first courtesy meeting with the legislators, prior to the appearance that the head of the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) will hold on December 2 in the Lower House.

In a friendly exchange of ideas with the deputies of the different political parties that make up the Commission, Secretary Torruco Marqués listened carefully to their comments, recommendations and opinions.

In correspondence, he explained some of the actions and programs that are being carried out in the Ministry of Tourism, at the same time that he thanked them for their contributions.

During the meeting, the deputy Yerico Abramo Masso, president of the Tourism Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, gave the floor to the different attendees who asked to intervene, and whose main message was the proposal to develop a joint work among the members of this LXV Legislature, which recently took office, and the federal Tourism Secretariat.

Both parties agreed to collaborate with a sense of unity, coordination, good spirit and teamwork, with no other colors than those of Mexico and thinking of benefiting the states that the deputies represent.

Likewise, it was proposed to work together to be agents of change, with coincidences and solutions, with the aim of solving the problems that afflict the country's tourism sector.

Finally, Secretary Torruco Marqués expressed his gratitude for this opportunity to talk with this group of legislators. “I appreciate this great opportunity to communicate with you. We are going to form a team, we are all going to help each other, we are going to strengthen activity in this Legislature, in this Commission and in this Administration. We are going to work hand in hand for the good of Mexico ”, he stated.

For his part, Deputy Abramo Masso said: “I want to acknowledge my colleagues and fellow legislators for their patience, their proactivity and their proposals, I think this is a great prelude to be able to have direct communication with the secretary. We are all interested in seeing that the country does well in terms of tourism, that the regions we represent do well and, above all, that it shows that there is interest in having better tourism”, he concluded.


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