Assist Card bets on exceeding pre-pandemic levels in Mexico during 2022

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Assist Card bets on exceeding pre-pandemic levels in Mexico during 2022
Carlos Bricka, Assist Card
Source: Travel2latam
November 23, 2021

Until the beginning of the health crisis, the company had been showing high growth rates. After a lot of effort, today he has managed to regain ground and is very optimistic about the next season 

Assist Card has participated in the Tianguis Turístico, there we have had the chance to exclusively interview its Country Manager in Mexico Carlos Bricka. We share the executive's responses below:

What was the situation of the Assist Card in Mexico before the health crisis broke out and how is it currently?
We had been maintaining a growth of 25 to 30%, we have been present in the country for more than 30 years and 50 years in the region, so we came with very good expectations. Once the pandemic started, the first thing we managed was to include Covid-19 as one more disease in our policies. It was an initiative carried out with great speed. The first three months we were very focused on responding to customers with our operational headquarters in Europe, Asia and America. We have worked working in order to be able to collaborate locally with these travel agencies that had passengers in different places.
Today we are already at levels above even the sales of 2019 and the expectation is that growth is sustained, that more and more travelers leave the country and take out insurance. We are already seeing it with travel agencies, in fact, there are many reservations for the first quarter of the year.
We have products that start at $ 9 per day that cover up to $ 60,000 in assistance, then the policies go up to some very complete up to a million dollars.
The demand for travel assistance towards the end of the year will not stop, as more and more travelers are going to incorporate them as something mandatory to go out. From Assist Card we observe in the new traveler, an extremely demanding profile in terms of the culture of prevention that is now becoming a key factor in their decision to travel.

What initiatives and promotional actions have you carried out at Tianguis Turístico?
Together with the Secretary of Tourism, we closed a collaboration agreement to provide, on the one hand, service and assistance to the guests of the Government of Yucatan, journalists and buyers of the event, and we reinforced our presence, such as ambulances and paramedic teams, on the grounds of the Convention Center. 21st century.
We believe that it is very important to collaborate with this rebirth of tourism precisely during the Tianguis Turístico, we have been an important part of the industry for 50 years with the same brand and identity.
Faced with one of the most transcendent events for tourism that takes place in Mexico, we are very happy to be able to meet with the main players in the industry that represent both the public sector and the private initiative.
The growth in the demand for assistance in the region has undoubtedly been a trigger for the reactivation of this industry, which is why Tianguis Turístico is an excellent showcase to continue generating synergies with our allies.

What would be the message for professionals in the field of tourism?
In the first instance, I would like to highlight the courage of the travel agents who had an enormous job in this period of pandemic solving complex problems with highly satisfied clients. Our mission is to continue working together. I believe that it is the most opportune moment to be able to offer a good travel assistance policy to be able to respond to the passenger in case of any inconvenience.


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