UNICO 20˚87˚ Hotel Riviera Maya will welcome 2002 with a great party

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UNICO 20˚87˚ Hotel Riviera Maya will welcome 2002 with a great party
Source: Ronda 360
November 25, 2021

The luxurious hotel is preparing a new edition of "Superbia", an elegant party to renew energy and start the next season in the best way

Live music, colorful drinks, fireworks, a first-class show and even the blessing of a shaman: what is Superbia, the elegant party at UNICO 20 ° 87 ° Hotel Riviera Maya to renew energy and start 2022 in the best way .

In the New Year, the joys lived and the goals achieved are celebrated, while, without forgetting the incorporated lessons, the adventures that arise day by day, month by month are left behind. Therefore, for those who seek to crown what was undoubtedly endless beautiful moments, the Riviera Maya offers the Superbia experience, a luxury option to receive 2022 at the highest level.

Promoted by UNICO 20 ° 87 Hotel Riviera Maya, the celebration includes a cycle initiation ritual in front of the blue waters of the Caribbean. The proposal is to join a ceremony in which a shaman of the local tradition blesses each of the participants to renew their energies for the year that begins.

With joyous spirits, a silent film will also be screened during the celebration. It is a plus that will not only allow you to continue enjoying in the company of loved ones, friends, colorful drinks or perfect strangers, but also in tune with the chic spirit of those luxurious events of yesteryear developed around the presentation of a film.

Of course, in Superbia the classic details of this type of celebration will not be lacking. For example, the resident DJ will provide a relaxing music set to dance under the multi-colored sky of the fireworks. Also, it will be possible to participate in the so-called "Neon" party on the seashore.

Among these alternatives, an elegant cabaret production stands out which, prior to the toast, will be enjoyed as the main event at the Green Terrace of UNICO 20 ° 87 ° Hotel Riviera Maya.

As every year, the celebration will include sophisticated pool parties, body painting proposals and the option of tasting frozen delicacies or "micheladas", which are a mixture of beer, lemon juice and salt, among other typical ingredients of the region. .

Regarding the local tradition, it should be noted that the Mayan culture can be seen throughout the resort of the RCD Hotels chain, where it is present in every detail, from the decoration of the drinks to the design of the rooms, without excluding its proposal gastronomic.

All in all, at UNICO 20 ° 87 ° Hotel Riviera Maya it is possible to take the New Year's celebration even further, to begin 2022 enjoying a luxurious vacation, marked by the greatest spirit of joy and renewal.

The Superbia 2022 agenda is as follows:

. December 30: celebration of the colors 20 ° 87 ° (13 hours, in the Pool 20 ° 87 °).
. December 30: Neon party on the beach (8 pm, on the beach).
. December 31: New Year's Eve celebration (7 pm, on the Green Terrace).
. January 1st: New Year's toast (0 hours, in the Pool 20 ° 87 °).


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