The economic recovery of tourism and hotels in Colombia advances

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The economic recovery of tourism and hotels in Colombia advances
Source: Marriott Hotels
November 26, 2021

According to the hotel indicators report published monthly by Cotelco, occupancy for October was 57.18%

The accommodation and lodging sector in Colombia continues on a recovery path, driven by strengthened domestic tourism. The week of school recess, bank holidays and the reactivation of business and event tourism have boosted the recovery of the indicators for this segment of the economy.
According to the hotel indicators report published monthly by Cotelco, the national hotel occupancy for October 2021 was 57.18%, higher than the figure of 22.96% registered in the same month of 2020 but lower by 1.71 percentage points than the indicator achieved in October 2019 , period in which the ratio of occupied rooms with respect to the total supply was 58.89%.

For José Andrés Duarte, National Executive President of Cotelco, “the dynamics of the accommodation and lodging sector in Colombia has shown a favorable trend in the second half of the year, so now we can say that we are in a recovery phase, then of reaching losses close to 12 trillion pesos as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. This good performance is explained by a very strengthened internal demand that has allowed reaching high occupations on weekends, bank holidays and week off, which adds to the reactivation of the business and events tourism segment that has also helped to increase the indicators in cities such as Bogotá, Cali and Medellín. If these results continue to be consolidated,

San Andrés and Tolima and Alto Magdalena are the two destinations with the highest occupancy in October 2021, with a result of 74.72%. Even San Andrés presented a variation of 2.44 percentage points higher than October 2019, while Tolima and Alto Magdalena increased by 21.79 percentage points compared to the same period in 2019.
The city of Cartagena continued to consolidate the recovery of its tourist activity, which allowed it to rank as the third best performing destination in the reference month. The occupancy level of 69.53% is higher by 7.24 percentage points compared to October 2019.
The department of Magdalena and the city of Santa Marta have been one of the destinations with a remarkable performance during 2021. For the month of October 2021, a hotel occupancy indicator of 68.71% was recorded, fourth best occupancy nationwide and higher to 47.40% achieved in the same month of 2019.
Another destination with a recovery to highlight is the department of Antioquia and its capital Medellín, which together registered a hotel occupancy of 63.25% in October 2021, fifth place in the national ranking, which Although it is below the figure for 2019 (64.61%), the rapid rise that has occurred in the second half of the year stands out.
For its part, Boyacá is located in the sixth largest hotel occupancy of the month, with a data of 60.89%, considerably higher than the 34.41% of October 2019, a result that is explained by the dynamics of weekends, bank holidays and weekdays of recess that generates a high flow of tourism from the city of Bogotá.
Other destinations with hotel occupancy close to the national average are: Atlántico (60.21%), Risaralda (57.75%) and Casanare (57.32%), Santander (56.57%), Norte de Santander (55.08%) and Meta (52.61%).
The city of Bogotá continues to make progress in the recovery of its tourism and hotel activity and records an occupancy indicator of 49.93% in October 2021, a figure still far from the level of 66.53% observed in 2019.
In the last positions of occupation and therefore the most lagging behind in the recovery are: Cundinamarca (24.91%), Nariño (42.99%), Barrancabermeja (46.80%), Caldas (46.99%), Huila (47.18%), Quindío ( 48.93%) and Valle del Cauca (49.08%).


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