Hotelbeds launches the Compass Pro tool

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Hotelbeds launches the Compass Pro tool
Source: Hotelbeds
December 01, 2021

Helps travel agents take advantage of market and demand trends, while providing unique insight

Following the launch last year of its award-winning tool, The Compass for web clients, Hotelbeds today launched or released its most advanced tool to date, The Compass Pro, for API clients. An industry pioneering tool to help travel consultants take advantage of market trends and demand, while providing them with a single vision, all in one place.

"Through a new customer web portal integrated into, our API customers will have access to personalized and detailed information based on state-of-the-art algorithms that are tailored to their business model and distribution strategy, and ultimately, they are designed to give them a true competitive advantage, "says León Herce, Core Commercial Director at Hotelbeds.

Knowing that information is power, The Compass Pro has been designed to provide tailor-made data and information for Hotelbeds customers, and to help them grow their business in three main ways:

Tailored data and information 
The Compass Pro is a powerful portal embedded in Hotelbeds' own website that allows clients to have full control of their opportunities by turning complex data into easily understandable results. Travel agents can quickly see which properties will see an increase in roomnights, identify opportunities by accommodation type and by market that can be easily tracked, discarded or saved for later.

Practical information
With the data provided, customers check the progress of each opportunity and the growth of roomnight in real time. Using visual dashboards, they can build detailed reports to instantly assess the impact their actions are having on their opportunities.
Supports growth. By equipping travel buyers with a data-driven tool, Hotelbeds is sharing the best data and market information directly with its clients, so that they can discover the full potential of the travel agencies that work with Hotelbeds.

Leon Herce adds: "We have been working on The Compass Pro for a long time to make sure it is the best product for our customers, so we are delighted to launch it now. We have taken technology to the next level and are delighted that our customers love it and take full advantage of all the powerful features it includes". 


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