With a great success, the second day of FIT 2021 closed

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With a great success, the second day of FIT 2021 closed
Source: Santos Palmero
December 06, 2021

Tourism dressed up on the second day of the 25th edition of the International Tourism Fair with a great accompaniment of the public that filled the stands 

During the day the participating stands offered promotions, raffles, talks, cooking classes, tastings of typical foods and artistic displays and shows. 

The families that visited the FIT lived unique experiences for all ages through virtual reality simulators, interactive games, live bands, typical dances from different corners of Argentina and the world. The FIT SHOW space also brought together groups of the most representative carnivals of our country and typical dances from all over Argentina.

Through the FIT SALE, visitors were able to buy their next vacations, taking advantage of the benefits of Pre-trip and professional advice from travel agencies. 

For their part, the auditoriums presented a wide range of talks, exhibitions and trainings that showed the wonders of the different tourist spots in the country and the world. A variety of topics that ranged from sports tourism as a growth tool and nature as a travel attraction to the presentation of the 2022 summer seasons in different parts of our country.

“We live another great day at FIT 2021, which is exceeding our expectations. The 25th edition of our Fair will go down in history as the hinge meeting that marked the path of the reactivation of tourism ”, said Gustavo Hani, president of FIT, at the end of the day.

FIT will open its doors today from 10 am to receive exclusively professionals from the sector. The conference will feature the start of the Business Rounds, a classic that offers an exclusive marketing space where wholesale operators, tourism service providers and hundreds of professionals from various countries and Argentina who participate as buyers converge. In addition, the FIT TECH pavilion will bring together the leading experts in the areas of marketing, distribution, technology and innovation in tourism in different talks throughout the day.


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