Universal Assistance promotes news at FIT 2021

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Universal Assistance promotes news at FIT 2021
Diego Baron, Universal Assistance
Source: Travel2latam
December 08, 2021

The comprehensive travel assistance company has had an outstanding stand at the fair in Buenos Aires

Universal Assistance, a leading firm in comprehensive travel assistance, has had an outstanding participation in FIT 2021, during the event we have interviewed its Regional Marketing Director Diego Varon. We share their responses below:

How do you describe this season that is ending?
We are happy and optimistic, we come from a very difficult time and in recent months we are seeing a rebound, especially since September we have noticed an improvement. We had a winter season where we have sold a lot domestically in Argentina and also in other markets. Regarding international travel, we understand that the industry is still very delayed, however, our category has become essential and the recovery is going to be much faster than other products.

Are you responsible for several countries, how do you see each of them?
The region is lifting, there are markets that have increased their turnover a little faster like Chile and there are others a little more complicated like Brazil. In November with events like Black Friday, sales were quite good so we are optimistic for the future.

How do you work in such a competitive segment as traveler assistance to stand out and grow?
For us it is a little simpler, we have two points that are clearly different and although the competition cannot reach them, you can reach them quickly. On the one hand, we have the backing of Zurich Insurance Group and our vision is totally different. We no longer sell insurance, we market technology for the traveler, we have a mobile product that is truly extraordinary. We offer a mobile application so that the client can self-manage assistance, and it is as simple as ordering a taxi or a meal. In addition, it is important to note that we have 40 years of experience and our brand is one of the best known in the category in all of Latin America.
On the other hand, I would like to emphasize the trust of our business partners, who offer our products to their customers and that is very important.

We are starting a new year in a few more days, what news is there that you can anticipate?
We have a very strong calendar, with new innovative products that go beyond assistance to the traveler, accompanying the client in moments when they do not have an emergency, for example, warning them about events at their destination, traffic in the city, safety in the area where it is, etc. We seek to change that role where the client looks for us, the idea is to always take care of the client at every moment using innovative technological tools.


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