6 trends to design the best email campaigns

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6 trends to design the best email campaigns
Source: Cendyn
December 10, 2021

Cendyn has produced a report where she reveals secrets to stand out and achieve optimal results

By Chris Bram, Vice President of Customer Experience at Cendyn.

With 2021 almost in the rearview mirror, it's time to look ahead and prepare for the start of 2022 by starting with your email design. While several trends from the past year are set to grow in the coming months (like dark mode and smooth gradients), we're also seeing new opportunities for marketers to get creative and encourage guests to connect with their brand. in new and exciting ways. So, without further ado, let's explore the design trends ready to invade your inbox in 2022.

Trend 1: Reassure your audience with smooth gradients
We've seen this trend grow steadily through 2021 and for good reason. The combination of gently blended colors (especially pastels and lighter tones) combined with a subtle background can instantly set a soothing tone for your emails, making the reader feel comfortable, like a getaway. You can use smooth gradients to create spa promotions, lure past guests to a place of natural beauty, or simply lull your audience into a vacation state of mind. Using smooth gradients to represent a sense of calm and wanderlust can provide the proper nudge towards the book button.

Trend 2: Go Low for Maximum Impact
People are busy and inboxes are full of people. To offer visual relief and prevent readers from missing your content, go to Zen and delete your emails to create a clean, minimal design with a direct message and simple details. Ditch the typical marketing fluff and deliver clear, thoughtful content focused on a single promotion, event, or other highlight. It's also important to include a generous amount of white space along with understated accents. Sometimes less is really more.

Trend 3: Increase engagement with micro-interactions
Hotels aim to create rewarding experiences for guests, and those experiences can start in your email with micro-interactions. Just as the name suggests, micro-interactions ask readers to make a small but meaningful interaction with your content. This is a great option for creating a 1: 1 engagement without the burden of hosting large files that can slow down email load times.

Some examples of micro-interactions in emails include:
Using a scrolling effect to make buttons change color
Ask readers to like, share, and / or save your content
Include common social media interactions, such as swiping and click

Tendencia 4: No temas al lado oscuro (o al modo oscuro)
Si el espacio en blanco no es lo tuyo, considera adoptar el lado oscuro, o al menos el modo oscuro. Esta tendencia de 2020 ha ido aumentando constantemente en popularidad, ya que es más agradable a la vista, hace que el contenido sea más fácil de leer y, sinceramente, los fondos negros se ven realmente geniales.
Los clientes de correo electrónico, incluidos Gmail, Apple-Mail, Yahoo Mail e incluso Outlook, han comenzado a ofrecer el modo oscuro, lo que significa que los especialistas en marketing pueden ser creativos y crear correos electrónicos separados diseñados específicamente para el modo claro y oscuro.

Trend 5:
Illustrate Your Intentions More subtle than photography or video, the right illustrations can add a sense of delight and fantasy to your email campaigns. Illustrations, such as line drawings, can be used as a seamless transition for dividing blocks of content or as a storytelling tool that allows people to visualize themselves on your property in a different way. Just don't overdo it. Cluttering your emails with too many images, be it illustrations or traditional photographs, can create visual clutter that obscures your content.

Trend 6: Cheer Up
While minimalism has its rewards, some brands are made to stand out. For those properties, animation offers a fun and eye-catching way to shout your message out to the masses (or at least to your email subscribers). There's a reason marketers love animated emails; It's been proven time and again how animated emails can convert, when combined with the right message and tone. With the ability to support 24-bit color and 24-bit transparency, we also predict that APNG files will end up replacing GIFs, as marketers prefer the format for email animation in 2022.

2022: Your Best Email Performance Year
Yet While we can't predict everything that will happen next year, the importance of email marketing cannot be underestimated. Your subscribers are looking for authentic brand engagement, and your emails represent the kind of experience guests can expect at your property. Every part of your email, from the colors and images you use to the way your content is presented, becomes part of that brand's story. We hope these trends help ignite your creative spark and set you up for a positive and engaging 2022.


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