The Secretary of Tourism of Mexico and the Governor of Guerrero present the “Down Hill Taxco” race

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The Secretary of Tourism of Mexico and the Governor of Guerrero present the “Down Hill Taxco” race
Source: SECTUR
December 14, 2021

The urban downhill cycling event will bring together more than 35 thousand spectators and 40 competitors from 15 countries

The Secretary of Tourism of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués and the Governor of Guerrero, Evelyn Salgado Pineda, announced the holding of the “Down Hill Taxco” race in this city of Taxco de Alarcón; and the renewal of its appointment as Pueblo Mágico was also carried out.

During a work tour carried out today in this town, the head of the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) referred to the joint work carried out by the state government, led by Evelyn Salgado; the municipality of Taxco, chaired by Mario Figueroa Mundo, and the federal Tourism Secretariat to promote tourism in this emblematic town.

He explained that with the "Down Hill" event there will be a high impact urban downhill cycling and freestyle (freestyle) show, which will bring together more than 35 thousand spectators and 40 competitors from 15 countries, such as England, in this city. Spain, Canada, United States, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, South Africa, Italy, Brazil, Poland and Mexico.

He explained that the narrow and steep streets of Taxco are the ideal setting for this sporting event that takes place at full speed on a 1.8-kilometer circuit, with obstacles and ramps.

He argued that the federal Ministry of Tourism has promoted the return of this career, after three years of absence, coordinating efforts with the state government and the municipality.

“Down Hill, the event with the greatest economic impact in Taxco, will return with more impetus than ever in the last week of November 2022 to reposition itself as an event of international stature and show the world the charms of this wonderful Magical Town, through platforms, social networks and television channels ”, he said.

Secretary Torruco Marqués assured that it is essential to develop tourism products that add to those already existing and are a focus of tourist attraction.

However, he warned that the offer of a destination is not only constituted by the sum of products, but by their proper integration and commercialization.

In this sense, he stressed that an intense crusade has been initiated in the Ministry of Tourism focused on the development and regional integration of the tourism product, to make Mexico a more competitive country, at the height of its potential, and always thinking that the benefits of tourism permeate the local population.

He added that with this purpose of regional inclusion, he has met with all the governors of the country and their respective heads of Tourism, as well as with investors and presidents of chambers, associations, confederations and organizations of the sector.

"The idea is that each state develop a product that we have called" Anchor "and, from this, we configure complementary tourist circuits that detonate the economy of the square, the entity and the region," he said.

He stated that a good example of an "Anchor" product could be the Mikvé or Jewish ritual bath in the town of Juliantla, whose construction dates from the 16th century and which represents an interesting New Spain find located a few kilometers from Taxco.

The head of Sectur affirmed that the Magic Town of Taxco has numerous natural and cultural attractions; However, he stressed that the diversification and innovation of tourist attractions will always be necessary in order to increase the flow of travelers, the average stay, per capita spending and the economic spill.

“The diversification of the tourist offer is a determining factor in positioning a destination and making it more competitive. When we talk about diversifying, we mean that the tourist has the possibility of living different experiences in the same place ”, he said.

He added that generating innovative events requires a lot of creativity, management and knowledge of the destination and the market, to implement strategies that allow to win the interest of increasingly demanding and informed tourists.

"The history, symbolism and tradition of the Mikvé must be important motivators for travel in themselves, and in the Ministry of Tourism we support and promote historical sites like this one, which expand our tourist wealth and invite the traveler to extend their overnight stay," he said.

On the other hand, during the tour, the secretary Torruco Marqués also handed over to the Taxco de Alarcón authorities the renewal of its appointment as Pueblo Mágico, which includes its inclusion in the Ruta Mágicas de Color project.

In this regard, he reiterated his commitment that, under a co-investment scheme with Comex, this company will contribute 80 percent of the required investment, equivalent to 2.3 million pesos, while the municipality will put the remaining 20 percent, that is, 600 thousand pesos, to add a total investment of 2.9 million pesos.

The start of this project, which includes the painting of facades and murals, is scheduled in Taxco for next January 2022. 

This event was also attended by Santos Ramírez Cuevas, Guerrero's Secretary of Tourism; Mario Figueroa Mundo, municipal president of Taxco de Alarcón; Francisco Javier Santoveña, representative of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) in Taxco and the northern part of the state; and Ernesto Rivas, CEO of Altius, as well as representatives of the Jewish community in Mexico and leaders of the entity's tourism sector.


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