Hilton announced the opening of a new hotel in Ushuaia

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Hilton announced the opening of a new hotel in Ushuaia
December 15, 2021

The hotel chain confirmed the construction of a sustainable five-star property

Governor Gustavo Melella with Vice Governor Mónica Urquiza; the Chief of Staff Minister, Agustín Tita and the president of the Fueguino Tourism Institute, Dante Querciali received investors from Hilton Hotels & Resorts who presented the hotel expansion project in Argentina, which includes the construction of a sustainable five-star hotel in Ushuaia , the first high-end international chain hotel in Tierra del Fuego.
After the meeting, the Provincial President highlighted the announcement by investors, assuring that "it will enhance our destination and strengthen tourism." At the same time, he considered that "investment in tourism is the generation of employment from various aspects, such as construction, subsequent services and direct and indirect employment."

"In the midst of this context that we have been going through, where we are emerging from the pandemic, this investment is one more step towards the reconstruction that we want and for which we are working," said Melella.

For her part, the Deputy Governor and in line with the Governor, valued the investment and the implications that it will have such as "job creation, for tourism development and the demand we have, enhancing quality and services."

Querciali explained that "this hotel chain has extensive experience in the market with more than 92 years of experience, and today it is presented in the Province to announce an important investment in the Hotel Hilton Ushuaia, which will have 200 rooms and will be located on the southwest coast of the Beagle Channel, at the mouth of the Pipo River, a space with magnificent views of the channel and the mountains, and a few minutes from the city center. "

Since 2000, the Hilton hotel chain has had an uninterrupted presence in the country, being one of the most prestigious international companies. In the capital of Tierra del Fuego, the architecture of the hotel will be in charge of the Schulz studio, which will follow the horizontality of the Beagle Channel and all its faces will have views of unique landscapes of the End of the World.

It will also have innovative wind energy equipment and green terraces, among other features that highlight this sustainable hotel project with "green" operation and international certification in Tierra del Fuego.

It is important to note that the Hotel Hilton Ushuaia is scheduled to open in December 2023, being owned and operated by RCG Desarrollos, starting its work in March 2022.


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