FITURTECHY 2022: Back to the Future

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FITURTECHY 2022: Back to the Future
Source: IFEMA
December 16, 2021

Organized jointly by FITUR and the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH), the event will provide an innovative vision at a time of change for the tourism sector

Under the slogan “Back to the future”, FITURTECHY 2022 will be presented on January 19, 20 and 21, the section of FITUR dedicated to tourism, technology, innovation and sustainability, which will be located in Hall 10 of IFEMA MADRID , an area dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge and innovation through a wide program of content and technical conferences.

And it is that the tourism sector is reborn with force, the forecasts and expectations of growth are high, and people want and need to travel now that, thanks to the high level of vaccination, they have the confidence to do so. We will do the same things as before, however, we will not book the trips the same; the motivations are going to be somewhat different, and the way of enjoying the destination has also undergone great changes. Attitudes and routines of tourists, businessmen and destinations are greatly influenced by the massive use of technology, and by the greater awareness of climate change, and at FITURTECHY 2022 we will discover what it will be like, through its different proposals.

On the one hand, FITURTECHY will have the Welcome & VIP Area, sponsored by the financial entity Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar. It is a common area between four forums to welcome professionals, in a large area that will also serve as a showroom for the "hotel of the future", #techYhotel. This showroom will showcase current trends and allow attendees to experiment with the use of innovative tools and solutions in the recreational environment of the hotel of the future.

Simultaneous forums at FITURTECHY:

#techYdestino by AMADEUS
The interest and need to travel has resumed, tourists are already planning their next trips, but will they continue to use the same search processes? Will the requirements when choosing a destination be the same as in pre-pandemic times? Will destinations be able to reach potential tourists and create enough interest for them to choose them? To know the answer to these and other questions, the ideal would be to travel to the future and return so that tourist destinations and their agents could take the appropriate measures, but in the absence of a time machine, we have technologies that allow us to approach, predict and adapt to future needs.
This Amadeus-sponsored forum for the fourth year in a row will focus on unveiling tourist behavior, how destination tourism planning is being readjusted, and how technology supports the rapid design and adaptation of destination marketing and promotion strategies.
Amadeus solutions connect travelers to the trips they want through travel agents, search engines, tour operators, airlines, airports, hotels, cars and trains. It develops its technology in collaboration with the travel industry and combines a deep knowledge of travel habits with the ability to conceive and develop the systems that best respond to the needs of its customers.

#techYfuturo by AMEX
On such a special occasion, in which the main framework is "Back to the Future", the #techYfuturo forum, sponsored by American Express, is positioned as an essential space to discuss the different innovations that we are going to see in society and the tourism sector through different time jumps: the nearest future, the closest return to what we know but with new technologies promoting change and the improvement of tourism; a more ambitious future, marked by the trends that will set the course for the next few years, and finally, a future yet to be defined, in which possibilities are increased and where technology and especially people will be the epicenter of what is to come.
American Express is a global financial services company that has been operating in Spain since 1951 and that seeks to provide its holders with access to products, ideas and experiences that help build successful businesses.

#techYnegocio by ACQUIVER
We have had to force ourselves to adapt as a result of the reality we have experienced. A reality that we already know can change without warning. Once we are underway again, it is time to see where we are starting from and what our reality is, to think about where we want to go and in this way design the way.
That path is not easy. The competitiveness of companies is increasingly demanding and the only way to be more efficient is by relying on the contribution of technology that is perfectly integrated into business processes and operations.
In the #techYnegocio forum, sponsored by Adquiver, they will talk about how technology helps to make decisions for the future, optimizing benefits and adapting costs and resources to that future reality. A reality that is different from the one experienced and that is constantly evolving, in terms of customer behavior, relationship and sales channels, and how to assess and minimize future risks. All this thanks to artificial intelligence, data processing, process automation, digitization, robotics, biometrics, blockchain, IoT, and other technologies, which not only help us and facilitate our day-to-day lives, but also allow us to carry a more secure life by facilitating prosperous businesses.
Technology frees us from processes that do not add value to social relationships. We have a chance to start over. The data have to help us to think about how to start over. Digitization and strategic planning will be the main axis around which innovation, reinvention and the anticipation of a more certain future and with new opportunities will revolve.
AdQuiver is, at the same time, a Digital Advertising Agency and a technology company with MAdTech development, which uses Big Data and Advanced Analytics technology to generate knowledge and intelligence in the tourism sector; and, closing a virtuous circle, activates and strengthens the sales of its customers' direct channels (Hotels, Airlines, RACs, OTAs, Theme Parks, etc.).

#techYsostenibilidad by CAJAMAR
The pandemic accelerated the changes and in its recovery phase, tourism has as its main challenge the promotion of an activity that respects the environment and local culture, preponderance of the generation of employment within the native population of the place. If we go back to the future we will find a new and regenerated tourism, with destinations more endowed with experiential content, which involve tourists in their conservation.
Motivations and needs are constantly evolving and consumption is increasingly conscious, appealing to social and environmental issues, that is, sustainable tourism where the consumer demands from the countries and tourism providers they hire, a strong commitment to the environment they visit. .
In the forum sponsored by the Cajamar Cooperative Group, we will see how two concepts that define the current trend make sense:

Biotourism: Evolution of Ecotourism, travelers are not only interested in visiting natural areas without impacting the environment, but in getting involved in their conservation and development. In addition to witnessing wildlife in their native environment, for many travelers it is important to know more about the efforts made for research, protection of wildlife, and the recovery of natural spaces.

Rewilding: This type of tourism will begin to define leisure travel from 2021 in which many tourism companies will begin to get directly involved in the restoration of natural landscapes and the reintroduction of species affected by human activity. The objective of Rewilding is to supply the growing demand of travelers to participate in responsible activities that promote awareness and restoration of natural spaces.

In short, there is a whole world of opportunities if we look to the future and the tourism sector must take advantage of this trend to re-emerge strongly and help build a better world.

On the other hand, the new Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition pushes tourism companies to carry out substantial changes when setting their strategies and operations. The Circular Economy, decarbonisation, energy generation with renewable sources, ecodesign, all take on greater importance and entail associated regulations that will push our sector to become the Tourism of the Future that will preserve our present and restore our past.

The Cajamar Cooperative Group financial entity shows its support for the sustainable change of the tourism sector, providing financing, business knowledge and collaboration with partners that will help promote renewable energies and energy efficiency in their businesses and in the processing of European aid, through the European Next Generation funds.

This year Menorca will be a Collaborating Destination of FITURTECHY and, as such, will have a prominent space in this section of FITUR dedicated to innovation and tourism sustainability. Declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO almost 30 years ago, the Balearic island will present experiences and initiatives that have been developed in this field in recent years and future projects aimed at improving the quality of the destination and the offer aimed at travelers. To do this, it will organize different events in the format of lectures and presentations in each of the forums #techYnegocio #techyFuturo #techYdestino #techYsostenibilidad that will be held by different voices and experts from the sector.


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