Avianca renews its technology and distribution agreement with Amadeus

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Avianca renews its technology and distribution agreement with Amadeus
Source: Amadeus
December 16, 2021

The deal will fuel growth and foster airline innovation

Amadeus and Avianca announce today that they have renewed their technology and distribution agreement. The renewal of Amadeus' Altéa suite, which includes the full Passenger Service System (PSS), will continue to provide the airline and its subsidiaries with basic solutions for reservations, inventory, passenger check-in, boarding and departure control, among many others. The partnership will be expanded to include the distribution, through the Amadeus Travel Platform, of NDC-enabled content, in addition to existing Avianca content for travel agencies and businesses. As a result, the airline will continue to benefit from Amadeus' global reach and scale and provide excellent customer service.

As part of the agreement, Amadeus technology will continue to support Avianca to improve outage management and increase revenue. In addition, the renewal of the Amadeus Altéa suite means that the airline will be able to offer an enhanced digital experience and more personalized offers.

When it comes to NDC, Avianca was a pioneer in Latin America after implementing Altéa NDC. Now, the renewed partnership will also provide access to Avianca NDC content for Amadeus travel sellers, offering travelers a consistent shopping experience across all Avianca channels. Amadeus NDC Connect will facilitate the way the airline's offerings are distributed, allowing for more flexibility and customization.

"Amadeus and Avianca are two companies focused on recovery and digitization in Latin America and beyond. Amadeus will continue to support Avianca through its innovative and high-performance solutions. This will allow Avianca to strengthen its digital capabilities across channels and markets. , connecting with our customers at all stages of their travels on their channel of choice, "said Catalina Nannig, Avianca's Vice President of Distribution and Sales.

Additionally, Fernando Lara, Avianca's Chief Information Officer, added: "We are very pleased to once again expand and strengthen our partnership with Amadeus. As a key part of Avianca's technology strategy, this new agreement will add new capabilities to our Service Solution. to the Passenger that will allow us to further simplify and optimize our customer service processes. This, in turn, will ensure that we can offer our customers more seamless travel experiences. "

In addition, Avianca is testing Traveler ID for Safe Travel, Amadeus' document verification technology, which allows passengers to certify that they have the required health documentation at check-in without having to leave the website or app. airline. This solution provides a contactless experience for travelers and is fully integrated into the airline's IT system to save time for airline agents and passengers at the airport.

"This agreement is a testament to the strong relationship we have forged with Avianca over more than 10 years, based on a strong spirit of collaboration and strengthened through our advanced technology and distribution solutions. We are pleased to continue our strong partnership and supporting Avianca in meeting its key business objectives for revenue growth, operational efficiency and excellence in customer service, "said Rajiv Rajian, EVP and Chief Commercial Officer, Americas, Amadeus.

Avianca deployed Amadeus Passenger Recovery to further streamline and automate outage management, making the process faster and more efficient. Avianca also worked with Amadeus to design a new digital reservation flow on that substantially improves the shopping experience.

The renewed PSS agreement and modernization of the digital shopping experience build on previous collaborations in ancillary services, outage management, cloud availability, and more.

Amadeus Travel Platform is the backbone of multiple front-end solutions, including Amadeus Selling Platform Connect. Based on fully open systems and with the widest range of global travel content available today, it enables travel buyers and sellers to easily buy, sell and service Avianca offers.

For Amadeus, the renewal of this partnership also marks a milestone in its growth in Latin America, a region that remains strategically important to the company.


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