City Express Hotels receives important recognition

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City Express Hotels receives important recognition
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December 16, 2021

The Mexican firm has been recognized in the TOP + America 2021 Ranking as "one of the most culturally powerful companies in the region for its commitment to human capital"

For 11 years, this ranking has been carried out by TOP Companies. The chain has been present in Colombia for more than 7 years with the operation of four hotels of its own in Bogotá, Medellín and Cali.

The Ranking TOP + América 2021 measures the actions that companies take, from the perspective of employees, which represents 80 percent of the rating; the other 20 percent is based on the inventory of Policies, Practices and Programs of the participating companies. The list registered the participation of 112 brands, of which only 32 managed to enter the ranking; Hoteles City was placed in 20th place by obtaining a 78.43% positive evaluation from its collaborators.

  • Hoteles City was placed in 20th place by obtaining a 78.43% positive evaluation from its collaborators. In the list, the participation of 112 brands was obtained, of which only 32 managed to enter the ranking. The list is annual and its purpose is to certify companies in the region for their Organizational Culture and Climate index.

The evaluation takes into account 12 factors of organizational culture such as: leadership, organizational dynamics, resilience, identification with the company, job growth, training, organizational motivation, work attitude, honesty, diversity and inclusion, company policies and social responsibility. In addition, it takes stock of other factors in organizational climate such as: working hours, job security, job stress, positive psychology and compensation.

“One of the most important values ​​for Hoteles City has always been its human talent and now, more than ever, it is important to maintain a climate and an organizational culture that allow us to create environments where employees feel included in each of the spaces within of the company ”, said José Raúl Pinet Bravo, manager of Organizational Development of City Hotels.

Hoteles City is constantly updating and applying policies that help to maintain a healthy, positive and safe work environment; its organizational culture is based on integral development, equality and equity. With this commitment, City Hotels launched the City Includes internal program, which aims to promote inclusive and non-discriminatory work spaces for diverse communities such as LGBTQ +, ethnic communities, people with hearing disabilities, gender equality and generational inclusion. 


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