ANATO survey reveals the characteristics and preferences of the new Colombian traveler

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ANATO survey reveals the characteristics and preferences of the new Colombian traveler
Source: Twitter @bog_eldorado
December 21, 2021

62% of those consulted showed their interest in traveling to international destinations

Aspects such as the offer of tourist services, the preferences of travelers and in general the activities of the sector, have had variations derived from the arrival of Covid-19 to the world. For Travel Agencies, knowing them and knowing how to adapt to them is essential to face the demands of the new market. 

"The interests and needs of travelers are constantly evolving and this type of survey shows us the intention to travel that Colombians have and the way in which they have made and will make their next vacations inside and outside the country", explained Paula Cortés Calle, executive president of the Association. 

According to the study, in 2022, 70% of those who participated in the survey, assured that they plan to make a trip with a total cost of more than COP $ 2 million in 2022. In contrast, by 2021, 50% claimed to have made a trip with this feature.

Additionally, 67% of the surveyed travelers will give greater relevance or concentrate their travel expenses on accommodation and air tickets, while 33%, on recreational activities, food and beverages, land or sea transport, shopping or others. 

Compared to the destinations they would visit, international ones had a greater participation, where in 2022 Europe (Spain, France, Italy and Germany) would gain more relevance, followed by Central America (Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala), the Caribbean (Aruba and Dominican Republic), North America (United States, Canada) and South America (Peru, Argentina and Chile). This compared to 2021, when according to the study, half of the respondents visited North America. In the case of national destinations, the travel intention is inclined towards Cartagena, San Andrés, La Guajira, Medellín, Santa Marta and the Coffee Cultural Landscape.

“The study showed that the services offered by Travel Agencies that people value the most are low prices, tailor-made trips and the confidence that buying from them generates. These are qualities that, without a doubt, are decisive when booking your vacations ”, explained the union leader. 

Regarding the months in which they plan to travel in 2022, 56% of those surveyed assured that they would do so between April and September, coinciding with the summer in Europe and the United States and the mid-year holidays in Colombia.

“According to the survey, the tourist segments of greatest interest to travelers are sun and beach, visiting cities and ecotourism. This type of studies that we carry out in the Association are essential, because we must understand that the development of tourism is not the same and that it is important to know where their tastes and needs are migrating to ”, concluded Paula Cortés Calle, executive president of ANATO.


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