Caribbean Tourism COVID-19 Task Force calls to celebrate respecting biosafety regulations

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Caribbean Tourism COVID-19 Task Force calls to celebrate respecting biosafety regulations
Source: Twitter @CHTANow
December 22, 2021

In a statement they have warned visitors and residents that the coming weeks will be critical for the region in its fight to control the spread of Covid-19 and its highly contagious variants

With the holiday season upon us, visitors and residents of the Caribbean are reminded to continue to protect themselves and the health and lives of those around them by practicing strong health and safety measures, while celebrating the spirit of the season. .

The Caribbean Tourism COVID-19 Task Force commended the overwhelming majority of Caribbean visitors and residents for their role in contributing to the region's successful efforts to date to contain the spread of COVID-19, but cautioned that upcoming weeks will be critical to the region's capacity. to control the spread of the virus and its highly contagious variants that are increasing around the world.

COVID-19 and the newer variant, omicron, can easily spread in large indoor gatherings and anywhere people come into close contact when unprotected. Face covering, physical distancing, frequent hand washing and avoiding large gatherings, particularly with unprotected people, should guide behaviors during the holiday season, according to the Task Force.

While those who are fully vaccinated have much greater protection against serious illness and death than those who are not vaccinated, the public is reminded that everyone, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, can still contract and transmit the virus and must diligently adhere. to health security measures.

The Caribbean Tourism COVID-19 Task Force recalled that the pandemic has forced residents to adapt and adjust the way they gather and socialize, warning that the holiday season could be the biggest challenge yet. Being aware of the highly infectious nature of the coronavirus, residents are informed that they can still enjoy the holidays while protecting themselves and their loved ones.

"As we celebrate and reflect on the significance of the season, we must remain aware that life is one of our most precious gifts and this particular holiday season offers visitors and residents the opportunity to share that gift," reads the notice.

The Caribbean Tourism COVID-19 Task Force was formed in March 2020 to coordinate efforts to protect tourism-related employees and visitors from COVID-19 and, by extension, help protect all residents. Member organizations include the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association, the Caribbean Public Health Agency, the Caribbean Tourism Organization, the Global Tourism Crisis and Resilience Management Center, and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.


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