Chilean authorities present Covid-19 prevention campaign

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Chilean authorities present Covid-19 prevention campaign
Source: Twitter @SaludSsrv
December 23, 2021

The strategy seeks to reduce the risks of contagion in the summer through different initiatives

The Undersecretary of Public Health, María Teresa Valenzuela, along with her partner from Tourism, José Luis Uriarte, came to the Yellow Beach, in the Concón commune, to present the campaign 'For a Summer without Covid', which seeks to reduce the risk contagion by intensifying risk communication, testing and inspection before the start of summer.

The campaign includes the Self-Care Guide for Vacationers available online on the websites  and  and which contains the measures to be taken before going on vacation, advice for planning trips and health recommendations for owners of premises that serve the public, among other issues.

“These are tips that we must carry out to take care of ourselves both inside and outside of Chile. And here I want to stop: if you travel to another country, surely the health regulations will be different. Do not relax, because to have a summer without Covid you have to take care of yourself anywhere in the world. Do not risk ruining your vacation, "remarked the Undersecretary of Public Health.

In parallel, it is working together with different associations of municipalities and with Sernatur, training workers in the areas of services, tourism, gastronomy and commerce, on the care they must take to protect themselves and their clients. To date, almost 2,700 people have participated in these workshops and it is expected to reach more than 6,000 with the training that will be carried out together with Sernatur for operators, tenants and people linked to the tourism industry.

“As a sector, since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been committed to doing things right and prioritizing people's health. For this reason, we were the first to implement protocols and adopt the commitment to give the maximum possible certainty regarding our health security and thus allow travelers to trust that, on our part, we will do everything necessary to make them safe, "said the Undersecretary of Tourism, José Luis Uriarte.

The authority also pointed out that "today, our goal is to reach the more than 6,500 providers adhering to the Certificate of Trust, our focus being on the gastronomic sector, the hotel industry, tour operators, airlines and tourist guides, among others. Together with them, the staff of Sernatur and the undersecretary that has contact with the public will be trained, promoting each of their meetings to inform the population. We are committed to amplifying the messages and delivering up-to-date information to travelers ”.  

Testing in asymptomatic patients
Another important axis is preventive testing, for which 2,500 active search points for cases throughout Chile were available for free. To find out where they are located, you can call TTA 800 371 900 or check the social networks of the Health seremis.

“If you are going to travel with people with whom you do not live or are going to visit relatives, especially if they are people who may be at a higher risk of contagion, I ask them to be tested preventively, thus we identify cases that may be asymptomatic, but that anyway spread the virus and can infect others, "added undersecretary Valenzuela.

The authorities also remarked that the Health seremis will intensify the control of the use and the correct reading of the Mobility Pass. In addition, with the support of the Ministry of Transportation, the inspection of bus terminals will be strengthened to review the document for those who make trips of more than 200 kilometers.

It should be remembered that from midnight on January 1, the Mobility Pass will be blocked for all those over 18 years of age who have passed more than six months since the second or single dose and who do not have the booster dose.


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