Positive balance of RCD Hotels for Latin America

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Positive balance of RCD Hotels for Latin America
Leonel Reyes, RCD Hotels
Source: Ronda 360
December 23, 2021

The chain closes a good season and maintains high expectations for 2022

At the end of the season, we have interviewed Leonel Reyes, corporate director of RCD Hotels for Latin America, who shares with us a complete overview of what happened during the year and his expectations for 2022. We share his responses below:

In general terms, have you met your objectives for this year?
Yes, it was a year of a lot of work and also of great hope. We reached more than encouraging figures for the post-pandemic. At the Latin American level, we achieved an almost absolute participation for the vacation segment, with Brazil leading the number of visits with almost 40 percent. Weddings were also highly chosen by Latin Americans, with a 75 percent participation rate.

What do you think was the highlight that happened?
Undoubtedly the incorporation of Residence Inn by Marriott to the RCD Hotels portfolio, with new complexes in Cancun and Playa del Carmen that are added to the resort that we inaugurated last year in Mérida. In addition, because at such a short time after their openings they managed to maintain a 40 percent occupancy. We are more than proud to be able to present this new option, which allows the traveler to vacation as they like best.

How do you face the next season taking into account what happened in 2021?
We started in a very positive way. We are on track to achieve all the 2022 objectives, if the first indicators in terms of reservations are taken into account, where occupancy levels above 40 percent can already be forecast, as in the case of groups and weddings.

What types of protocols are you looking at for the emergence of the Omicron variant?
At RCD Hotels we maintain the protocols of the “Safe & Sound” program. We know that, nowadays, the activation of protocols is one of the main conditions that travelers look for when choosing a destination. They seek confidence in the facilities based on the health, safety and responsibility measures that each hotel has. We agree with them, since we consider that it is the way to go.

What are the markets that you think will generate the most demand for the chain's hotels?
From our projections, we can see that, with 46 percent, Brazil's participation will be fundamental in the vacation sector. Then we have the countries of the Andean region, such as Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia and Peru with 35 percent, while Central America registers 19 percent.

What is your vision of the moment that tourism is going through globally?
If we review the year, we see that tourism levels increased in tandem with the emergence of vaccines. Also, with the implementation of protocols such as the use of face masks and social distancing. We trust that 2022 will continue to be a year of recovery for the world, and that tourism can accompany that recovery with proposals that are as attractive as they are safe.


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