The Secretary of Tourism of Mexico highlighted the recovery of the sector

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The Secretary of Tourism of Mexico highlighted the recovery of the sector
Miguel Torruco Marqués, SECTUR
Source: SECTUR
January 07, 2022

Miguel Torruco Marqués has provided a message at the beginning of the year where he affirmed that the situation in the sector is positive even in the midst of the pandemic

The Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, commented on the situation that prevails in the tourist activity of our country, after the Covid-19 pandemic continues.

As a message addressed to the tourism sector for the beginning of the year 2022, he affirmed that in Mexico the tourism industry remains in the process of frank recovery, with figures that are encouraging.

Among the data he commented are the following: at the end of 2021, the arrival of 31 million international tourists is estimated, 28.1 percent more than in 2020 and 46.1 percent less than in 2019; and 18 thousand 428 million dollars of economic income, 67.6 percent higher than 2020 and 55.3 percent less than in 2019.

Likewise, an average annual hotel occupancy of 45.9 percent, 19.9 percentage points above 2020 and 34.2 points below 2019.

Consumption per accommodation is calculated to be in the order of 12 thousand 266 million dollars, this is 12.1 percent more than what was achieved in 2020 and 33.8 percent lower than what was registered in 2019.

While tourism consumption was 127 thousand 142 million dollars in 2021, that is, 9.4 percent higher than that registered in 2020 and 33.8 percent below that obtained in 2019.

Regarding the participation of tourism Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the national economy, he said that it is expected to be 7.1 percent, when in 2020 it was 6.7 percent and in 2019 it was 8.6 percent. For this year 2022, the forecast is for it to reach 8.3 percent, slightly less than in 2019.

The head of Sectur indicated that, according to data provided by the State Tourism Secretariats, at the end of December 2021 there was a national investment of 215 thousand 579 million pesos, with 521 tourism projects, which generate 161 thousand 818 direct and indirect jobs. The entities with the highest investment are Nayarit, Mexico City, Baja California Sur, Yucatán, Quintana Roo and Guerrero.

As of the third quarter of 2021, foreign direct investment in tourism was 1,548 million dollars. And in this same period, tourism employment showed a growth of 4.9 percent, equivalent to 191,409 more people employed, compared to the previous quarter.

He argued that from January to November 2021, there was an influx of 39 million 742 thousand 70 passengers on domestic flights, 58.2 percent more than in the same period of 2020; and on international flights, 31 million 686 thousand 341 passengers, 76.5 percent higher than that obtained in the first 11 months of 2020.

Regarding border tourists, from January to October 2021, 11 million 775 thousand tourists arrived, 5 percent more than in the same period of 2020, who left an economic spill of 983 million dollars, 61.6 percent higher to 2020.

Similarly, from January to October 2021, the arrival of 19 million 47 thousand hikers was registered, which represented a decrease of 18.3 percent in relation to January-October 2020. The arrival of these hikers meant an inflow of foreign currency of a thousand 21 million dollars, 3.2 percent more than a year before.

Cruise travelers in the first 10 months of 2021 reached the figure of 621 thousand, 75.9 percent less than from January to October 2020, with an economic spill of 42 million dollars, this is 76.8 percent below 2020.

Secretary Torruco Marqués asserted that the United States Center for Disease Control on Thursday, December 30 of last year raised the alert level for cruise travelers to the maximum, that is, to level 4, which implies avoiding this type of displacement. regardless of the vaccination status of the people, since between December 15 and 29, 5,000 cases of infections were reported on cruise ships operating in that nation's waters.

He added that the Center for Disease Control currently has 93 cruise ships under observation or investigation in which infections have been presented. For this reason, in a preventive manner, the application of the conditional departure order was extended until January 15 of this year.

He recalled that the government of Mexico, through the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health, announced the adoption of biosafety protocols in accordance with the International Health Regulations of the World Health Organization (WHO), therefore will maintain the reception of cruise ships in the country's maritime ports.

For January and February 2022, the arrival of 486 cruise ships is scheduled, of which 219 will arrive in Cozumel, 125 in Majahual, 57 in Cabo San Lucas, 38 in Puerto Vallarta, 27 in Mazatlán, 15 in Progreso, 4 in Acapulco and 1 to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo.

“In summary, tourism in Mexico is strengthening month after month, as a result of the federal government's policy of non-restriction of flights and the timely application of biosanitary measures throughout the national territory, but mainly due to the push of our private sector, that he has not allowed himself to be defeated in the face of adversity ”, he assured.

Secretary Torruco Marqués thus expressed his recognition to hoteliers, restaurateurs, travel agents, tourist guides and artisans, among others, for making it possible for tourist activity to continue on its feet and walk towards recovery.

Finally, he confirmed that the commitment and main challenge for the next three years is to increase both foreign exchange earnings and per capita spending, and improve the quality of life of the communities receiving tourism.

“The Ministry of Tourism will redouble its efforts so that Mexico can regain the levels reached in 2019 and reaffirm itself as a tourist power. United, the public and private sectors, we will undoubtedly succeed, ”he said.


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