Mexico expects the arrival of more than 31 million international tourists

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Mexico expects the arrival of more than 31 million international tourists
Source: Twitter @AICM_mx
January 10, 2022

The estimated inflow will contribute more than $ 18 billion to the economy, an increase of 67% over the year of the pandemic

In Mexico, according to investigations by the Center for Research and Tourist Competitiveness (Cicotur), 1.4 trillion pesos have been lost in relation to the different components of tourism, such as foreign currency inflows to the country, accommodation, restaurants, transportation, airlines , and the domestic consumption of Mexican travelers within the country. This alarming figure is made up of what was lost in 2020 (1 trillion pesos) plus what is quantified in loss so far in 2021 (400 billion pesos).

This element, which is part of the economy of Mexico, is of great importance for the country, since it articulates goods and services from different industries, with more than 113 economic activities in constant relationship. In addition, it encourages a large volume of consumption and jobs. This item is even the main one within the country's services exports, with 77.5% of them.

Another relevant characteristic is that tourism GDP contributed 8.7% of the national GDP in 2019 prior to the pandemic (at current values), thus representing one eleventh of the country's total economy. Within the tourism GDP is accommodation, passenger transport, bars, and restaurants. These figures, to explain them more simply, represent a contribution of one peso out of 11 that are generated in the economy by tourism.

It is expected and is under study, the past year 2020, in which there was an abysmal decrease in what was contributed by tourism GDP, more than anything due to the closure of borders and the confinement that did not even allow internal tourism in the country.

Tourism income
Despite the initial blow, during the first 7 months of 2021 some privileged countries showed an improvement with respect to their income from international tourism. Among them, Mexico, which is historically one of the most chosen destinations in the world, obtained in June 2021 approximately the same income from tourism as in 2019, and in July of last year it registered an increase of 2% compared to 2019.

The projection from the Ministry of Tourism (SECTUR) provides favorable signals, since the official body is forecasting the arrival of more than 30 million tourists at the end of the year with a value of 7.1% of tourism GDP. The forecast implies 1.6% below the year 2019, but about 7 million more people who entered the country compared to the previous year (almost 30% compared to 2020). On the other hand, it is estimated that in 2022 it will return to pre-pandemic values, with the economic reactivation, the opening of different sectors, as well as the opening of the airline business, one of the most affected by the 2020 pandemic. .

The entry of some 31 million international tourists will contribute more than 18 billion dollars to the Mexican economy (an increase of 67% compared to the year of the pandemic), a 46% hotel occupancy is also expected.

The main increase came from tourists arriving by air with 151.4% growth compared to the months of the previous year. This generates hope in the workers of the sector, who are a large percentage of Mexican society.

The Labor Observatory of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare estimates that 4.2 million people are employed thanks to tourism, which was on the rise in previous years. As expected, in 2020 this amount was strongly affected since 45% of these employed people in 2019 are left without a job thanks to the economic standstill and the total closure of the country, according to values ​​shared by the International Organization of the Labor (ILO).

Another element that is taken into account in the tourism industry is the investment made in each of the sectors of the country's economy, with regard to this particular industry, the Secretary of Tourism of the States , observes that a national investment of more than 9 billion dollars is maintained, with more than 400 tourism projects in action that would generate more than 150 thousand jobs in the country.

Regarding the first semester of 2021, some 711 million dollars were captured in foreign direct tourism investment, in addition to an increase in people employed in it, with almost 250 thousand jobs added in reference to the first quarter of the year.

El Turismo se avizora a finales del 2021 y principios del 2022, ya que, en diferentes países, incluido México, se comienzan a generar un gran interés por adquirir viajes para visitar a amigos y familiares para las fechas festivas y las vacaciones de muchos países del mundo. Además, de compensar un poco el confinamiento que se sufrió durante tanto tiempo del 2020.

It is after this pandemic that the preferences of Mexicans when spending their money underwent changes, many of the citizens, who saved constantly, have saved this budget for these particular dates of consumption. But they also had the option of acquiring help such as payments on credit cards or personal loans to meet these plans. All these socioeconomic characteristics, added to the projected figures, are encouraging for the tourist activity in recovery.


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