Minister of Tourism of Brazil projects the strengthening of the sector for this year

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Minister of Tourism of Brazil projects the strengthening of the sector for this year
Gilson Machado Neto
Source: MTur
January 10, 2022

Gilson Machado Neto has taken stock of 2021 and was confident in what can happen this season

The Minister of Tourism, Gilson Machado Neto, began the year 2022 with optimism with the recent indicators achieved by the sector, such as 85% of the pre-pandemic level in aviation and more than 80% of occupancy in the hotel chain. Throughout 2021, Machado Neto was an active voice in the fight against the effects caused by the coronavirus pandemic. "Our government was the one that worked the most to protect its people throughout Latin America," the minister stressed, citing as an example the nearly 145 million people who have already received two doses of the vaccine in Brazil. "In 2022, tourism in Brazil will be worth two," he stressed.

The year 2021 suffered the impacts of Covid-19. Added to the 2020 numbers, the losses reach R $ 453 billion for Brazilian tourism, with thousands of unemployed workers. "Our mission in this difficult scenario was to continue supporting trade with measures to remove the weight of the State on the shoulders of the sector, complete works that are structuring tourism throughout the country and announce measures to attract more and more investors and visitors to the region. Brazil ”, summarized the minister.

One of the great highlights of 2021 was the validation of Brazil as the headquarters of the first regional office of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) for the Americas. The information was confirmed by the organization's secretary general, Zurab Pololikashvili, at a meeting held in Madrid in December, which was attended by Minister Gilson Machado Neto. "I had the honor of defending our country, highlighting our potential in nature tourism and showing that we are, without a doubt, the most appropriate place to receive the office, which should be in Brasilia," he said.

Another important decision was announced by the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, during an agenda at ExpoDubai: the installation of an Embratur office in Dubai to promote Brazil in the Middle East. The decision was made after negotiations between Minister Gilson Machado Neto and the president of Embratur, Carlos Brito, with Saleh Ahmad Salem Alzaraim Alsuwaidi, ambassador of the United Arab Emirates.

Another advance in 2021 was the negotiations for international airlines to operate in Brazil, including for domestic flights. On a trip to the United Arab Emirates, the minister aligned with local companies the possibility of expanding flights, especially to the Northeast. In a meeting with Emirates, he discussed the possibility of flights from Dubai to Recife (PE), Fortaleza (CE) and Salvador (BA).

In Bahrain, Gilson Machado Neto met with Gulf Air representatives to discuss flights from the capital Manama to São Paulo, via Casablanca, in Africa. In Qatar, the minister met with the Minister of Tourism and CEO of Qatar Air Lines to agree to increase the frequency of flights between Qatar and Brazil, with a new company flight to Rio de Janeiro in February.

In Madrid, during his participation in a WTO meeting, Minister Gilson met with Grupo Ávoris, owner of Iberojet, to discuss flights between the Spanish capital and the Brazilian Northeast. “The world has realized that we are the best opportunity for post-pandemic tourism. Nothing compares to our country, ”he said.

Air sector
Another "fight" undertaken by the Ministry of Tourism was to work to reduce bureaucracy and the burden on the shoulders of businessmen. "They are the ones who create jobs and make the chain of the sector work, thus generating employment and development for those who work at the forefront," explained Machado Neto. During 2021, several actions were carried out, such as the articulation for the authorization of the use of JET-A aviation fuel in Brazil, a demand for decades in the air segment.

The airline industry also had another great news on the last day of the year, with the publication of a Provisional Measure that reduces IRRF rates on the leasing of aircraft and engines as of January 1, 2022. The rate was reduced by 15% to zero for the next two years. Starting in 2024, rates will have a gradual increase of 1% per year. That is, it will be 1% in 2024, 2% in 2025 and 3% in 2026.

The measure directly benefits the airlines, indirectly impacting the entire tourism production chain and ensuring the permanence of thousands of jobs. "This was only possible thanks to a work in synergy with the Ministries of Infrastructure and Economy and the unquestionable attention of President Bolsonaro, who believes and supports tourism," celebrated the Minister of Tourism.

Nautical tourism 
The MTur was organized to ensure exemption from federal taxes for the importation of new and used sailboats and, also, for the importation of jet skis. "With this increase we will have more boats, a greater number of marinas, better infrastructure and, consequently, more employment," the minister recalled.

Another measure that directly impacted on tourist activities was the installation of 15 Wi-Fi antennas in Fernando de Noronha (PE), an old request from residents and visitors to the Island. The action was only possible thanks to the work coordinated between the Ministries of Tourism and Communications. "The connectivity of destinations is one of the demands of today's tourists and we must be aware of this. This delivery reinforces once again the commitment of the government of President Bolsonaro with the development of tourism in our country, ”said Machado Neto.

The Ministry of Tourism addressed the issue of nature a lot during the year 2021. In July, in the Cantão State Park, in Caseara (TO), the minister launched the promotional campaign "Tourism in Nature" to reposition the country in the segment With the motto “Travel through Brazil. Giant by nature ”, the advertising pieces focused on the traveler's experience and the importance of practicing conscious, sustainable and safe tourism at the time of resumption.

And in all the cities he visited, in Brazil and abroad, Minister Gilson highlighted nature tourism and the country's potential, showing himself in those opportunities, including satellite images and official data that point to local environmental preservation. “When they put a poster of Brazil with that of any other country, the lapse is great. Nobody wants to compete with us. We are the most preserved country in the world. To give you an idea, 66% of our territory is preserved the same as when Jesus Christ came to Earth ”, he said.

Regarding tourism infrastructure works, the Ministry of Tourism invested R $ 805.9 million, with the delivery of 734 works. In 2021, another 355 tourism infrastructure works were started with resources from the Ministry of Tourism throughout the country, the result of an investment of R $ 186 million.

The MTur currently manages a portfolio of around 3,100 jobs of this type in Brazil. The projects involve transfers of R $ 3.4 billion, of which approximately R $ 1 billion have already been executed. "We will continue in our task of respecting the resources of taxpayers: we do not have the vanity of paternity of work, but the commitment of deliveries that return for the use of the population," he reaffirmed.


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