IFEMA MADRID transforms FITUR into a smart space

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IFEMA MADRID transforms FITUR into a smart space
Source: IFEMA
January 14, 2022

Wizzie Analytics, together with its partner NTT Ltd. present a solution that will transform the complex into a smart venue during the celebration of FITUR 2022

Wizzie and NTT, together with IFEMA MADRID, propose a solution in the field of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to provide valuable data on the behavior of attendees from people counting cameras and the measurement of devices connected to the Cisco Wi-Fi wireless systems with which the venue is equipped, collecting data on the position and behavior of the room anonymously to guarantee the privacy of the visitors.

This real-time data analysis technology for spaces will be implemented at IFEMA MADRID on January 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23, 2022 within the framework of the FITUR 2022 fair, which will take advantage of the advanced Wi-Fi 6 network deployed with Cisco technology.

Through the information that Wizzie Data Platform collects from the IoT sensors, IFEMA MADRID will obtain data on attendees such as: location, routes, stay in an area, visitor count, entrances and exits, etc. The monitoring screens will show the movement and concentration of visitors and fair staff through so-called 'dynamic heat maps' to provide a safe place experience.

The analysis of the data in the IFEMA MADRID venue during FITUR will therefore allow the live detection of high occupancy or traffic areas to be able to act from the first moment and create a natural distribution of visitors during the fair, which will lead to more efficient overall service times.

Innovation to improve interaction with the space
Big Data and Machine Learning are marking a before and after for organizers, fairs, exhibitors and attendees. The use of this technology helps organizers to be more efficient and achieve greater attendee satisfaction that goes beyond security.

For visitors who wish to use the IFEMA MADRID guest Wi-Fi network, Wizzie and NTT technology will be able to create detailed profiles. The data obtained will allow us to understand the tastes and trends of visitors to offer them personalized information, based on their location and interests.

The data analyzed jointly and in the appropriate context, provide a lot of light when it comes to understanding the behavior of the attendees in order to improve their experience and that fairs such as FITUR continue to increase in popularity and satisfaction.

Wizzie shows in real time the publications on social networks of the users through the hashtags defined in an event, in this way the organizers can assess the satisfaction of the users who attend an event based on their opinions on social networks.

Intelligent analysis to create more efficient spaces By
transforming Ifema plans into digital maps, it is possible to use the collected data to optimize the design of events and improve the distribution of stands.

The presence and location data provide detailed information about the areas of passage of the visitors, their stay in a certain place, the routes, etc. but it is also possible to monitor queuing, potential bottlenecks and crowds through Wizzie's reporting tools based on visitor location.

Prediction based on intelligent space analysis helps reduce staff interventions and improve event attendance rates.

Technology that provides greater security
The Wizzie Data Platform is capable of examining terabytes of visitor movement data, the temperature of a space or the levels of CO2. A high level of CO2 represents an excessive density of people per square meter, which makes it difficult to maintain a safe distance and increases the chances of contagion by COVID. Hence the importance of this solution that can issue alerts to anticipate and allow more effective decision making.

With the Wizzie Data Platform (WDP) social distance solution, the density of people per square meter and the social distancing between them will be checked in real time by activating an alarm if any quadrant has, at any time, a density close to or greater than those established limits. In such cases, security personnel can be dispatched to that specific area to divert people flows or manage queues.

According to Eduardo López-Puertas, general director of IFEMA MADRID, “the decision to use the Wizzie Analytics and NTT Ltd. system on the occasion of the FITUR celebration represents a commitment to strengthen conventional anti-COVID measures relying on an innovative technological solution, and turning FITUR into an intelligent space to maximize the safety of the attendees”.

FITUR, which is held from January 19 to 23, 2022, will occupy eight pavilions, which represents a net area of ​​56,700 m2 that will house the participation of more than 6,933 participants from 107 countries. To ensure its celebration in a safe context, IFEMA MADRID will reinforce sanitary controls and will take extreme measures to guarantee the fair's development in a sanitary safe area. Added to this are the different systems and technological advances implemented to help maintain the highest levels of security during the FITUR celebration, such as the Wizzie Analytics system and NTT Ltd, among others.


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