Chile shines with immersive experience at Expo 2020 Tourism Week

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Chile shines with immersive experience at Expo 2020 Tourism Week
Source: Expo 2020
January 19, 2022

The country, through its tourism promotion brand Chile Travel, organized this instance in which it highlighted Chilean Patagonia with a focus on sustainability and environmental conservation

Within the framework of the universal exhibition that is being held in Dubai from October 2021 to March this year, the Tourism and Connectivity Week was held. Expo 2020 is the largest event dedicated to the final and professional public in the world, with the participation of more than 190 countries and with a flow of visitors of, to date, more than 5 and a half million people.

“Chile is a destination of excellence and one of our main challenges is to make it known to the entire world. In this sense, allowing visitors to the Dubai Expo to experience to some extent what it is like to be in our Patagonia is, without a doubt, a captivating way of convincing them why we should be their next destination”, indicated the Undersecretary of Tourism, José Luis Uriarte. .

On the occasion, the Chilean pavilion dressed up as tourism for a full week, dazzling all visitors with an interest in our country with a 360-degree experience that made them travel virtually through the glaciers of Patagonia.

In this regard, the national director of Sernatur, Andrea Wolleter, stated that “we are very happy to represent our country's tourism in this important showcase, as part of our promotional actions in the Middle East. This year, we had the opportunity to show the world part of the natural areas that Chile is committed to protecting with a focus on sustainability and environmental conservation, through an innovative immersive camera that moved Chilean Patagonia to Emirati lands.”

In this way, visitors were able to closely explore the beautiful nature of Chile in a structure covered by a 360-degree screen that shows views of Chilean Patagonia and other impressive landscapes, an ideal way to remotely discover the more than 240,000 kilometers squares of Patagonia without having to set foot in the country.

Chili in Dubai

The national pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai was designed to simulate Chile's climate change research station in Antarctica, reflecting the country's firm commitment to environmental protection and conservation.

Along with the immersive experience, Felipe Repetto, commercial director of Chile in the United Arab Emirates and director of the Chilean pavilion at the expo, led various meetings and activities with operators, travel agencies and relevant players in the tourism industry in Dubai, showing the best of sport, adventure and nature in our country.

“Expo 2020 is an ideal platform to highlight Chile's contribution to the global future hand in hand with sustainable development in different sectors, among which tourism, without a doubt, is a fundamental part. Since our participation in this universal exhibition began, on October 1, whoever visits the pavilion is enchanted with Chile and receives an invitation to explore it. Thus, during this time and through various activations, we have highlighted Chile as a unique tourist destination and also as a business hub in Latin America that allows growth for SMEs throughout the region,” said Repetto.

The objective of all these actions to promote and disseminate the country's tourist products and destinations is to generate growth in the tourism industry and, in turn, support the reactivation of the sector.


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